Why Use a Managed SOC for Your Organization?

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As businesses continue to rely heavily on technology, they face increased threats to their cybersecurity. Companies must now prioritize robust security infrastructure to safeguard themselves from data breaches, cyberattacks, and other security incidents. It has become increasingly important for organizations to invest in this kind of protection. This blog explores what a managed SOC is … Read more

2023 Enterprise Technology Trends

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In 2023, business leaders will apply innovative emerging tech to make smarter, faster organizational decisions. These strategic enterprise technology solutions are already being implemented to optimize operations, accelerate productivity, and mitigate continuity risks. To help organizations like yours prioritize their technology investments and develop helpful roadmaps, here’s a look at some of the IT solutions … Read more

WIP19 Targets IT Service Providers and Telcos

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A newly-identified Chinese-speaking threat cluster known as WIP19 has been identified targeting telecommunications and IT service providers in the Middle East and Asia. Likely partaking in espionage-related activity, the threat cluster overlaps with Operation Shadow Force but utilizes new malware and techniques. WIP19 uses a legitimate, stolen certificate to sign novel malware, including SQLMaggie, ScreenCap, … Read more

Managed Service Provider Checklist

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An effective MSP performs effectively and supports your business’s bottom line. But how can you tell which MSP has your business’s best interests in mind before you engage and sign a contract? Integrated Technology has compiled this convenient checklist to help. MSP Cost Checklist As you research MSPs that fit your business needs, Integrated Technology … Read more