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Accelerate Network Threat Detection and Response

Cyber attacks are growing rapidly in volume and sophistication. The advanced malware hackers use to access your critical business data can easily evade traditional detection techniques and dated firewalls. Without multi-layered cybersecurity that includes monitoring for intrusion, your business is at constant risk of breaches and attacks that can interrupt your operation and threaten your business, employees, and customers.

Integrated Technology expertly customizes network intrusion detection systems to deliver the best possible protection for your business’ unique environment. Our intrusion detection systems identify threats as they emerge in your cloud and on-premise infrastructure and offer the flexibility and customization to monitor your business’s entire digital perimeter.  Integrated Technology’s intrusion detection systems integrate seamlessly with our unified cybersecurity offering to safeguard every data access point of your business from ever-evolving threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

An intrusion detection system, commonly known as an IDS, proactively monitors your business’ network traffic and systems for suspicious activity and issues alerts when it discovers such incidents. While some managed service providers offer limited IDS that only monitor network systems or host-based systems, Integrated Technology’s flexible and customizable intrusion detection solutions allow our expert team to tailor an IDS that effectively inspects every access point across the entire digital landscape of your business.

Once deployed within your organization, your customized IDS from Integrated Technology monitors your business’ data access points and network traffic around the clock, constantly scanning for potential intrusions like unauthorized access attempts, policy violations, malicious activity, malware, and more. When the IDS discovers a cybersecurity threat within your protected environment, it immediately generates an alert for system administrators. Our intrusion detection systems quickly assess the method and intent of each threat to provide informed response recommendations with contextual data about the attack within the alert. Based on this threat intelligence, an incident responder can investigate the issue and take the appropriate actions to remediate it.

While a basic firewall provides a foundation for network security, advanced threats can easily slip past it to access your sensitive data without being detected. A network intrusion detection system adds another layer of defense to make it more difficult for an unauthorized party to gain access to your business network undetected. An intrusion detection system from Integrated Technology is an invaluable component of your organization’s comprehensive cybersecurity deployment. Our IDS enables early threat identification and faster response time so you can address issues before they become larger–potentially devastating–attacks on your business.

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