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Conditional Access

Conditional Access to Ensure Security and Productivity

In today’s more demanding world where data is vital, your business faces increasing difficulty controlling access to critical information. Shortcomings in information access control threaten your enterprise cybersecurity and your organization as a whole. To add to this growing risk, many businesses support bring-your-own-device practices in the place of (or in addition to) distributing managed devices from a central source, further threatening network access security. Traditional passwords are no longer sufficient protection against these increasing opportunities for unauthorized entry and the constantly-evolving hacking methods plaguing today’s digital landscape.

Conditional access from Integrated Technology effectively secures your business-critical information with set policies that enforce strict limitations for your network access. Our solution enables users to self-serve, authorize specific compliance, and set specific access authorizations for protected information. Deploy conditional access seamlessly alongside Integrated Technology’s comprehensive suite of managed cybersecurity solutions to ensure your data–and your business–is always protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Technology’s conditional access service enables you to develop and manage a set of direct policies that limit access to protected business data to authorized users that meet the criteria set forth in your conditional access policy. Conditional access is based on a formulaic principle that determines reactions according to initial actions, or an “if-then” system. Assignments determine when a policy needs to be enabled and if access needs to be blocked or granted. Conditional access mitigates risk, protects users, safeguards data, and allows flexibility when necessary. 

Businesses frequently use conditional access policies to implement multi-factor authentication, block sign-ins, require trusted locations for authorization, block or grant access from certain locations, require organization-managed devices, block legacy authentication, and more. Conditional access policies can apply to both identities and devices, allowing your business to protect its information without sacrificing efficiency.

Conditional access from Integrated Technology strengthens cybersecurity and streamlines operations to ensure your business is always functioning at its highest level. With conditional access systems in place, you control who accesses your data based on administration status, location, and more. With conditional access services, your business runs smoothly, your data is secured, and your authorized users have access to the information they need to perform their jobs. Our advanced cybersecurity solution alleviates the administrative burden of compliance management, ensuring standards are always met without complicating the user experience. Integrated Technology’s conditional access solution supports real-time risk detection so that your employees and vendors can work freely without fear of hacking or other threats to security. 

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