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Powerful On-Premise Network Management and Monitorin

Your network is the backbone of your business, hosting large amounts of data and software applications that allow you to carry out everyday tasks efficiently. It is critical for your employees and your company to keep the information that resides in and travels through your organization’s network secure and moving efficiently. Network management protects your business by protecting your data using a tailored strategy for success, while around-the-clock network monitoring performs constant check-ins to allow for evergreen improvements to your cloud systems. 

Integrated Technology’s 24/7 network management and monitoring solution preemptively eliminates security threats, increases availability, and improves performance so you can work more efficiently than ever before. As a critical component of our on-premise support offering, our network management and monitoring solution offers real-time maps of your organization’s network topologies, performance analytics, and bandwidth allocation for business-critical traffic. This means that issues are detected early and resolved quickly, and that your business’ network speed and security are optimized effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internal IT departments must dedicated full-time resources to successfully manage data centers, applications, and help desk requests. Outsourced network management and monitoring from a managed service provider like Integrated Technology allows for a better distribution of internal resources and places your network in the hands of a trusted, professional source. Continuous monitoring produces a report of metrics along with critical analysis that enables future success and changes to areas of improvement. With 24/7 network management and monitoring, your business benefits from secure, efficient systems, mitigating weaknesses and threats, improved infrastructure, and streamlined operations within an effective on-premise network.

Network management and monitoring from Integrated Technology’s certified IT technicians and customizable on-premise solutions proactively detect system vulnerabilities and perform immediate network error resolution. Our certified technicians consistently analyze and evaluate your on-premise network infrastructure to tailor solutions and strategies that best fit your business needs. Integrated Technology’s 24/7 network management and monitoring entails collecting performance data and utilizing it to drive business goals forward, identifying and improving weaknesses, determining necessary network changes, and enabling automated solutions. Our proven network management employs sophisticated techniques to manage performance across your on-premise environment. This process demands monitoring of functions and metrics for enhanced network performance. Our advanced network monitoring constantly tracks and logs data, noticing trends and initiating responsive process solutions. 

On-premise network management and monitoring from Integrated Technology provides critical around-the-clock protection and support, improving your network availability and performance. Our expert team constantly monitors your on-premise network to identify inefficiencies and implement performance-improving solutions. Our 24/7 network management and monitoring services improve the performance, availability, and security of your on-premise infrastructure. We enhance visibility, data accessibility, and compliance while reducing your organization’s technology costs.

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