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For over 20 years, Integrated Technology has been providing managed IT and outsourced IT services. We proactively manages on-premise enterprise IT systems to enhance network bandwidth, speed, and security. Our flexible and scalable on-premise solutions alleviate your organization’s IT burden, allowing you to work on important business tasks instead of dealing with IT issues that we can easily mitigate and plan against with automated response implementation. Our IT management services team can optimize your business tech infrastructure with expert support and innovative technology for on-premise network infrastructures. With our managed on-premise solutions, your critical business infrastructure resides in-house, giving you uncompromised control over your systems and data while achieving better business efficiency and, in turn, a greater ROI. Outsourcing your IT Services to Integrated Technology allows you to open up internal resources, by ensuring employees can focus on business innovation while your hired experts take care of implementing IT systems that your team is then able to run smoothly. 

Keeping your company’s data and applications within an on-premise network infrastructure provides immediate access and constant availability to the critical information your business relies on to operate. However, a reactive approach to on-premise IT management is inefficient and, ultimately, could cost your business greatly in time, money, and reputation. Waiting until after an issue occurs to hire an IT specialist results in inevitable and expensive downtime and greater data compromise. On-premise IT management from a managed service provider is the most cost-effective way to rid your business of IT issues and proactively secure your information and support your infrastructure.


Frequently Asked Questions

On-premise IT management refers to operational management of your business’ on-premise technology environment, rather than environments that are hosted in the cloud or remote datacenters. On-premise infrastructure provides immediate access and constant availability to business information and applications. IT management for on-premise environments optimizes on-premise networks and strengthens your organization’s cybersecurity. Proactively installing on-premise solutions ensures that potential vulnerabilities are secured, issues are mitigated, and automated responses are in place for the future. 

Integrated Technology proactively monitors, maintains, and optimizes your business’ on-premise technology infrastructure to prevent IT issues before they occur. Through these solutions, your business is able to maintain critical software and other data solutions that require top-level setup and support. Our team continuously monitors your on-premise infrastructure and environment to keep your business running smoothly. We are here to walk you through the entire process, offer guidance, and ensure an efficient operating system is in place. 

The benefits of on-premise managed IT from Integrated Technology include improved IT performance, 24/7 access to expert support, enhanced network speed and security, greater data accessibility for authorized users, and lower technology expenses. Our experts immediately resolve IT issues so downtime is kept to a minimum, and you always have access to our seasoned customer support technicians at no additional cost.

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