Industries Served

Industries Served

Specialized IT solutions for all sectors

At Integrated Technology, we provide managed services to businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. While many managed service providers offer only niche services that focus on specific industries, Integrated Technology combines the knowledge and resources from many industries to offer a better package to our clients. Here’s a quick look at the industries Integrated Technology’ clients come from:

Successful aerospace and defense companies embrace the transition to digital technology at the core of their businesses. By partnering with Integrated Technology, aerospace and defense companies future-proof their organizations and infrastructure.

Megatrends in the automotive space are shifting the focus from hardware to software-centric vehicle design, creating new value for the automotive industry. To satisfy future market demands and expectations, Integrated Technology helps leaders in the automotive space reimagine their operations to be digital-centric and forward-thinking.

Technology-led innovation is reshaping capital markets. Integrated Technology helps capital market leaders leverage global strategies and data-driven insights within the industry to improve operational efficiency and more.

Integrated Technology provides a comprehensive range of managed services to help businesses in the chemical industry transform their operations and take advantage of powerful technological innovation.

Businesses in the communications and media space require proactive solutions from Integrated Technology to develop themselves into providers of next-generation immersive consumer experiences.

Consumer expectations are shifting rapidly, demanding a greater focus on innovation, sustainability, and brand purpose. Integrated Technology helps businesses within consumer goods and services deliver on these growing initiatives and reshape their customer experiences.

Integrated Technology helps businesses in the energy industry strengthen their resilience in a rapidly-changing landscape. Our solutions strengthen energy organizations and increase their operational agility, making them more proactive and responsive to changing circumstances.

Integrated Technology partners with banks, credit unions, brokers, investment companies, and other types of financial firms designing, securing, implementing and maintaining multiple devices, large volumes of data and IT infrastructures to hone their competitive edge within the finance industry.

Integrated Technology’s managed services for the healthcare industry includes a comprehensive range of IT solutions for hospitals, doctors’ offices, and small medical clinics. Our intelligent solutions increase resource capacity and improve workflow and staff productivity.

Integrated Technology serves companies across industrial sectors, including freight, manufacturing, and suppliers. Our advanced services and solutions transform their operations to make them more competitive in a quickly-changing industrial landscape.

Managed IT services from Integrated Technology effectively transform and enhance legal firms’ IT infrastructure, IT operations, and IT staff.

To compensate for limited resources and shortening timelines, businesses in the public service sector rely on Integrated Technology to deliver innovative solutions that streamline operations while saving them money, time, and resources.

Integrated Technology helps software and platform companies plan for new growth, improve customer experiences, and support innovations that drive breakthrough business success.

Integrated Technology works with leading travel services and hospitality companies to design efficient and intelligent operations and strategies that help them succeed in today’s environment.

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