High Availability

Maximize Network Availability for Enterprise IT

With Integrated Technology’s high availability solutions, your business can automatically detect the failure of a primary system, protect replicas at the secondary location minutes, redirect user traffic via DNS automatically, recover data from individual files, and easily reverse the entire process back to the primary site. Planned or unplanned, downtime can come from any direction, in any form, at any time. The inability to keep a company operational during a technology outage, facility destruction, loss of personnel, or loss of critical third-party services can not only lose you money but cause irreversible damage to your business. 

Integrated Technology’s high availability solutions minimize the impact of any downtime to help keep your business in the driver’s seat. Applicable across multiple operating systems, on any hardware and in any physical, virtual, or cloud-based environment, our high availability and disaster recovery solutions have been trusted to maintain business continuity for over a decade. At Integrated Technology, we utilize real-time replication to prevent loss and enable fast data recovery to secondary servers in the event of planned or unplanned failures at primary sites. We’re here to ensure that your business will keep running without system breakdowns or cybersecurity breaches that affect crucial data. With high availability, you can certain that your systems are operating at their top level, all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

High availability is the ability of your enterprise network to operate continuously without failure, ensuring the system meets its operational goals. High-availability systems are especially essential in systems that must remain constantly operating, as in the military or healthcare industry. High-availability systems must be designed by certified IT technicians and thoroughly tested for complete reliability. Several best practices for achieving high availability include geographic redundancy, strategic redundancy, failover solutions leverage, network load balancing, and data synchronization that meets your RPO.

Whether you are deadline with big data, stringent uptime requirements, or increased regulatory compliance, Integrated Technology has you covered with our failure detection, protected replicas, user traffic redirection, data recovery, and process reversal. We’re here to help you reduce downtime and run your business at maximum efficiency.

High availability allows your business and its IT systems to function despite component failure. Downtime can majorly affect your business, and improving with high availability will allow you to keep up with SLAs, foster customer relationships, maintain brand reputation, and keep data secure. Maintain high availability with key solutions such as monitoring, automated remediation, automated server maintenance, and endpoint management. High availability ensures that your IT infrastructure is operating at its full bandwidth to meet your business goals.

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