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Effortless Enterprise Cloud Solutions

The current digital landscape is moving rapidly toward complete cloud technology integration. Discover the value of cloud computing for your business with Integrated Technology’s customized managed cloud solutions. We embrace cloud innovation while prioritizing your unique business needs. Our team’s approach utilizes industry-specific solutions to seamlessly migrate your enterprise environment to the cloud and manage operations securely so your business can grow to its full potential. 

From migration to hybrid solutions and cloud management, we work closely with your business to harness the full potential of our cloud technology offering. With cloud solutions from Integrated Technology, your business can safely and securely store data and utilize computing power on servers located outside your company while maintaining business unity and continuity. Companies operating in the cloud run more smoothly and efficiently and never have to worry about purchasing expensive physical upgrades. By accessing cloud servers through the internet, the final product is delivered to you as swiftly and securely as it would be from a local area network server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s migrating your operation to the cloud, managing hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions, or securing your data within the cloud, Integrated Technology’s cloud solution offering is a comprehensive collection of services that propel your business into the future of enterprise technology. Our cloud offering includes:


24/7 Network Managing and Monitoring

Reliable network management and monitoring protects your greatest enterprise asset in the cloud, allowing you to focus on the rest of your business. Integrated Technology automates your network visibility for your business to simplify network performance monitoring and troubleshooting.


Voice over IP Telephony

Our Voice over Internet Protocol services allow you to place and receive phone calls over the internet, improving your business’ operational efficiency. Our solution makes it easier to implement and modify enterprise-level services such as dial-by-name menus, hold music, and call-back queuing. By transferring your telephone strategy to an internet-based service, you can drastically reduce costs and gain access to state-of-the-art features.


Virtual Desktop

Integrated Technology’s virtual desktop solutions allow you to run multiple operating systems on a single computer, cut capital costs by eliminating redundant hardware expenses, ensure business continuity and speedy data recovery, and improve enterprise desktop management and control.


Collaboration Solutions

Integrated technology helps you determine which collaboration solution is best for your business. We thoroughly assess your needs and find the software that best fits with your business model, product or service, and employee communication requirements. We audit your unique collaboration system currently in place and seek improvements based on your productivity gaps. Through this customized methodology, we streamline communication and enable stronger teamwork. 


Microsoft Azure

Integrated Technology is here to help you streamline your systems and better control data with Microsoft Azure by deploying and managing your Azure environment. Use Microsoft Azure’s service to create cloud-based resources and host databases in your online portal that allows you to access and manage cloud services. We will assist you in understanding all that Microsoft Azure has to offer for your business and how to effectively implement it to maximize your return on investment. 


Amazon Web Services

Integrated Technology helps you build your Amazon Web Services-based infrastructure to vastly enhance your cloud computing capabilities, including cloud migration assessments, rehost, replatform, repurchase, storage, and more. Using Amazon Web Services, your business can access many resources, deliver fast results, and save money.


Hybrid On-Premise to Cloud

Many businesses struggle to manage the complexities of hybrid solutions internally. Solutions that balance on-premise service with cloud technology require the expertise of certified IT technicians to ensure your business data is secure both on-site and in the cloud. Harness greater control over your computing resources and security with customized hybrid on-premise to cloud solutions from Integrated Technology. Our flexible and customizable hybrid offering offers scaling to guarantee the most effective solution fit for your operation. 


Datacenter Hosting

Integrated Technology’s datacenter hosting services provide top-tier facilities that are engineered and maintained at higher standards to save your business the high costs of hosting its own data. Data center hosting alleviates the responsibility of staffing, operating and maintaining power and cooling infrastructure.

With Integrated Technology and the power of the cloud, your business can avoid hefty hardware purchases. Our monthly subscriptions to lightning-fast storage and cloud-based software shoulders your business’ heaviest IT burdens. Cloud providers enable you to pay for exactly the capacity your business needs, and our team takes on the responsibility of managing and securing your solution.

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