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A Holistic View of Your Business

Your business relies on a centralized record system to secure and manage all machines within your network. A single interface with actionable information gathered from all connected information system components is the most effective method of managing security events from a holistic vantage point. Looking at all security-related data from a single point of view makes it easier for organizations of all sizes to spot unusual patterns.

Integrated Technology’s security information and event management solution helps your business recognize potential security threats and identify vulnerabilities before they have a chance to disrupt your operation. Our advanced security information and event management, or SIEM, solution has a range of capabilities that, when combined and integrated, offer comprehensive protection for your business–all from a single unified dashboard. Our SIEM is an important layer of protection that integrates seamlessly with our expansive cybersecurity offering and provides enterprise security by offering transparency to your entire network of devices and applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Security information and event management, also known as SIEM, is a cybersecurity practice that combines security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). SIEM provides real-time monitoring and analysis of events as well as tracking and logging of security data for compliance or auditing purposes. Integrated Technology’s SIEM tools support threat detection, compliance and security incident management through the collection and analysis (both near real-time and historical) of security events, as well as a wide variety of other event and contextual data sources. The core capabilities include a broad scope of log event collection and management, the ability to analyze log events and other data across disparate sources, and operational capabilities (such as incident management, dashboards and reporting).

SIEM solutions deploy multiple collection agents in a hierarchical manner to gather log and event data your business’ end-user devices, servers, applications, network equipment, and specialized security equipment (firewalls and antivirus or intrusion prevention systems). The collectors forward events to a centralized management console, where security analysts organize this data, connecting the dots and prioritizing security incidents.

SIEM has many use cases in today’s threat landscape, including detection and prevention for internal and external threats, as well as compliance with various legal standards. SIEM performs data aggregation, consolidation, and sorting functions to identify threats and adhere to data compliance requirements. Put simply, SIEM is a security solution that helps organizations recognize potential security threats and vulnerabilities before they have a chance to disrupt business operations. It surfaces user behavior anomalies and uses artificial intelligence to automate many of the manual processes associated with threat detection and incident response and has become a staple in modern-day security operation centers (SOCs) for security and compliance management use cases. It is a highly efficient data orchestration system for managing ever-evolving threats and regulatory compliance and reporting.

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