Cyber Crime

Defending Your Businesses Against Cyber crime

As cyber crime rises, more companies fall prey to the schemes of attackers’ illegal computer-based activities. Cyber crime is among the most common threats businesses face, as their tactics are constantly evolving to bypass even the most sophisticated security systems. Cybercriminals constantly prowl in search of vulnerabilities in business networks, seeking financial gain or information they can exploit. Businesses without proper cyber crime protection risk significant monetary losses and reputational damage they often cannot gain back. 


Integrated Technology’s cybersecurity experts help your organization shield its private data from the hands of cyber criminals. By detecting network weak points, our team provides the tools necessary to monitor malicious activity and eliminate your business’ vulnerabilities to cyber crime. With a track record of recognizing, neutralizing, and preventing common and particular cyber crime strategies from getting ahold of your business network, Integrated Technology’s solutions employ effective cyber crime solutions to integrate smoothly into our all-encompassing security response offering for businesses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber crime is an umbrella term used to describe a plethora of criminal activities involving a computer, a computer network, or a device. Cybercriminals carry out malicious computer-related crimes to illegally intercept sensitive information such as financial and personal data or to obtain, reproduce, and sell illegal items or images.

Cyber crime has two primary purposes: to gain information through malware or to use other networks to commit crimes. Cybercriminals can use both of these methods to commit cyber crime, such as using a virus on one computer to infect other devices on that network. Some other common cyber crime tactics include:

  • Phishing Scams

Phishing scams usually target users through emails claiming to be from a reputable source. Once complying with the information requested, scammers use the identifying information to invade or open new accounts. Through this method, the phishing scam targets new users and systems. Phishing scams present the risk of having users or businesses lose vital financial information or personal records. 

  • Malware Attacks

When a computer system has been infected with unauthorized malicious software, a user has been subject to a malware attack. Malware incidents may include many types of harmful software, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, worms, and more. 

  • DDoS

Distributed denial-of-service attacks obstruct the way a network communicates by flooding a server with harmful internet traffic. DDoS spams systems to either demand money, or to carry out other cyber crimes. 

Cyber crime can have costly impacts on your business if your insufficient response solutions leave you vulnerable to breaches and attacks. Cyber crime, such as social engineering, viruses, computer system incidents, and fraud, can seriously disrupt business operations and profits. 

Cyber crime negatively impacts your employees, customers, business operation, and the overall reliability and efficiency of your computer systems. Integrated Technology’s cyber crime response experts provide your organization with effective tools to monitor your network and adequately defend your business interests.

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