Non-Profit Solutions

Non-Profit Solutions

Managed IT Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Integrated Technology proudly supports non-profits (501c3) of all sizes and scopes. Successful non-profit leaders understand that partnering with Integrated Technology benefits their operational efficiency with scalable and reliable IT while also eliminating the overhead costs associated with in-house IT. Non-profits benefit from our flat-rate fee, expert support, and advanced solutions.

The value of technology and emerging solutions that offer efficiency and greater productivity opportunities in driving business objectives is recognized across all companies, including non-profits. There are, however, some distinctive technology challenges that non-profits are facing. When pondering whether your non-profit leverages an MSP for their IT, it’s important to highlight the central areas that need a little nudge from technology. 

Network Performance

As a non-profit, the services you deliver rely on your organization’s network. Every part of your enterprise infrastructure must perform efficiently and effectively to enable your staff to serve your constituents and achieve your organization’s mission. 

As your managed service provider, Integrated Technology optimizes your network infrastructure, whether it’s hosted or on-premise. Our customized managed services plans are designed by expert certified IT technicians and priced at an affordable, consistent flat rate fee to help your limited resources extend even further.

Data Security

Non-profits frequently work with sensitive data from donors and clients that is both highly vulnerable and protected by law. With the increase in remote working and digitalization of fundraising, cyber criminals are wasting no time in targeting non-profits as treasure troves of confidential data. A successful cyber attack or a data breach on a non-profit can undermine all of their efforts and their mission. 

Running outdated software, insecure payment processors, weak passwords, phishing emails, no overview on devices accessing confidential data — all of these are common cybersecurity threats to non-profits. Integrated Technology helps mitigate these risks and ensure data security.


Funding for non-profits is reliant on grants and donations. Non-profit organizations are constantly managing their unpredictable budgets, leaving little space for technology support. While many non-profits have a line item in their budget for technology, that is typically where they will make any cuts first. The fluctuating budgets that can scale up and down quickly through the year are further amplified by the pandemic so it’s clear that an internal dedicated IT team isn’t a cost-efficient solution for a non-profit.

With limited budgets, non-profits would benefit from partnering with an MSP as they offer clients to only pay for services they use at that point in time and allow them to scale up and down, which is crucial for a cyclical and seasonal nature of business that non-profits have. The right managed service provider will even offer cost reduction strategies and will create the most cost effective solution for you. Provisioned software, updates, licensing and IT management are all offered under one rate so there would be unexpected IT costs. Integrat

Integrated Technology’s non-profit solutions include on-site support with 24/7 remote monitoring and support via our IT service desk. With your organization’s IT responsibilities transferred to the expert hands of the Integrated Technology team, your staff is free to focus on your mission while we take care of your network.

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