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Application Whitelisting

Sophisticated Application Whitelisting for Enhanced Network Protection

As malware attacks increase in frequency and complexity, the limitations of purely reactive cybersecurity tactics leave your operation vulnerable to breaches. Reliable infrastructure security demands preemptive intervention by solutions on the front end of your network operation that prevent the execution of unauthorized and potentially harmful software applications.

Application whitelisting from Integrated Technology offers strict, proactive access control to protect your business from malware and other security threats. By blocking the execution of all unauthorized applications, our managed whitelisting solution delivers uncompromising management over the tools allowed to interact with your technology system

Frequently Asked Questions

Application whitelisting is a cybersecurity process that blocks the execution of unauthorized applications on your network and devices. Integrated Technology’s application whitelisting indexes, approves, and maintains a list of trusted applications, or a whitelist, for your business and allows only your authorized applications to run on your devices or network. Where the process of blacklisting prohibits specified, or blacklisted, applications and allows all others to run, whitelisting proactively restricts access for all applications unless they are indexed and approved.

Integrated Technology’s application whitelisting service enhances security through strict access control. Application whitelisting technology prevents the execution of unauthorized software, including malware, within your business infrastructure.

The principal benefit of application whitelisting is strengthened information and network security through strict access control. Beyond security, application whitelisting that is managed by Integrated Technology can increase network speed and reduce system crashes, as employees are only able to run whitelisted applications.

Application whitelisting is ideal for businesses in high-risk environments where information and network security outweighs unrestricted functionality. Integrated Technology’s risk assessments measure your business’ current software application usage and the threat level data breaches pose to your operation. Our experts consider your industry’s regulations and compliance standards to offer insight into the necessity of application whitelisting for your business.

Application whitelisting demands substantial dedicated support to operate efficiently without hindering the execution of authorized software. Because application whitelisting is more suitable for operations that deal with confidential or highly sensitive data, cybersecurity experts like those at Integrated Technology are significantly better equipped to protect delicate information than an under-resourced internal team. As they manage application whitelisting for your organization, you can rest assured that the same cybersecurity team in charge of application whitelisting is also ensuring utmost protection for your business information.

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