Co-Managed IT

Business Control with Expert Guidance through Co-Managed IT

Many businesses want to keep IT services in-house to maintain control and visibility over their operation. For businesses that rely on their existing internal IT team, co-managed IT services from a managed service provider allow them to maintain their control while also strengthening operations with guidance from seasoned outside experts. Co-managed IT gives businesses the opportunity to combine convenience and resources for maximum efficiency. Co-manged IT provides an analysis of current IT needs and abilities to determine which third-party solutions are needed, allowing you to maintain control of your business while integrating helpful advice and support from expert IT technicians. 

Maintain control of your resources by partnering with Integrated Technology for co-managed IT. We help you avoid expenses related to hiring more internal employees, with equivalent outcomes of productivity in hiring an external team at a fixed price. Integrated Technology alleviates the burden on your internal resources, assists with new projects, and provides expertise in an efficient period of time. You don’t need to replace your internal IT team or hire a whole new department to meet your business needs and secure your crucial data systems. Integrated Technology amplifies your current resources with the tools necessary to drive your business forward. Our supplemental support enables a direct boost in your business’ IT needs.

Integrated Technology’s team of seasoned, certified technicians evaluates your company’s technology infrastructure to fully understand your business IT needs. We work with businesses from the ground up, designing on-premise IT solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current systems to help you overcome challenges, simplify processes, and reduce costs. With our on-premise solutions, your critical business infrastructure resides in-house, giving you uncompromised control over your systems and data while achieving better business efficiency and, in turn, a greater ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-managed IT services increase efficiency and productivity by intelligently allocating your internal resources and third-party solutions and expertise. It allows your business to analyze current models, identify vulnerabilities, determine goals, and partner with an external party for supplemental support in finding solutions.

On-premise, co-managed IT entails an expert consultation session from a professional IT department, fixed-price technical projects, staff augmentation, unlimited support, monitoring, and management, reporting, disaster recovery and response, cybersecurity services, management, and additional support. It involves teamwork between parties to arrive at solutions that meet your business needs while simultaneously discovering areas of improvement and optimizing systems when possible. 

Co-managed IT is important to help your business maintain control, relinquish some responsibility to a third party, stay alert to modernization, receive 24/7 support, receive instantaneous solution implementation, cut costs, and increase cybersecurity. It’s important for your business that you have both on-site resources to help with tasks along with expert advice from a third party. This is the best of both worlds; co-managed IT allows you to have the maximum amount of perspectives and assistance in offering the best data solutions available.

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