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Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering for Secure Internet Access

Unrestricted internet access for employees on devices using your organization’s network leaves your information available to malicious websites and your reputation vulnerable to data leakage.

As part of our comprehensive cybersecurity offering, Integrated Technology delivers an intelligent web content filtering solution that helps keep your business safe. Web content filtering restricts access to unsafe websites and prevents access to platforms where harmful content can be created and posted, including social media, blogs, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content filters are some of the most common cybersecurity solutions for businesses. Their primary function is to block websites, emails, or file types that could be harmful to your business if accessed. Restrictions may also be based on the criteria of corporate acceptable use policies or compliance regulations.

Web content filtering blocks dangerous websites that use exploit kits designed specifically to attack your business or through the creation of harmful content, including social media, blogs, video uploads, and other internet postings. Exploit kits contain code designed specifically to attack web browsers’ vulnerabilities through browser extensions and plugins. Unknowingly, a user can visit a malicious URL with an exploit kit that triggers a malware download once the vulnerabilities are exploited.

Integrated Technology’s web content filtering monitors, filters, and blocks unwanted  HTTP traffic. Our intelligent solution integrates with compatible ICAP systems to provide content filtering for incoming and outgoing internet traffic, including URL filtering, social media, and search filtering. Our web content filtering intercepts inappropriate or harmful content allowing your network to remain safe and secure while users are online.

Web content filtering from Integrated Technology blocks harmful and malicious websites and content without impeding your employees’ productivity or access to safe, appropriate information. A mix of policy and technology is essential to combat data leakage. Monitoring and filtering what your employees share online will help enforce company policy.

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