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Vulnerability Scans

Identify and Remediate Weak Security Spots through Network Scanning

Hackers attack networks with inherent weaknesses or those that fail to apply security patches or make necessary system modifications. Your business’ technical vulnerabilities need to be identified and repaired with an extensive assessment to avoid data breaches. Vulnerability scans make it easier to predict hacker attacks and secure critical data. Our threat detection tools scour your applications and infrastructure for bugs and glitches that hackers can use. 

Integrated Technology locates vulnerabilities and seeks to remediate your entire process by assuring that these vulnerabilities are immediately addressed. We assess the level of your security infrastructure, check for unpatched software, and look for signs of poor security habits. We then produce insights that allow you to make decisions around the next steps in protecting your systems. We will also provide recommendations on how to mitigate vulnerabilities so that you can aptly secure your data in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A vulnerability scan goes over your data to identify potential weak spots that could easily be compromised. An external vulnerability scan takes place outside your network to determine problem areas in the network structure itself. An internal vulnerability scan identifies internal vulnerabilities by looking at hosts on the same network. Credentialed scans require logging in to uncover every vulnerability possible, while non-credentialed scans do not receive full access to data but can still provide valuable insights. 

Security breaches occur regularly in all types of organizations. Regular vulnerability scanning is an easy way to identify situations that can lead to data breaches. Maintaining security and avoiding information compromisation are crucial to the success of your business. 

Vulnerability scans don’t check every network file but rather scan specific interfaces with tailored tools and scripts in a series of if-then scenarios. Vulnerability scans alert you to issues without intruding too heavily into your data. 

Tools or systems that frequently update are ideal, as you want to see any vulnerabilities that arise as quickly as possible. You’ll also want to know of every potential vulnerability, focusing on the riskiest ones that are likely to cause issues down the road. Vulnerability scanning should be seamless, non-intrusive, and produce optimal reports to alert you to all vulnerabilities. 

Vulnerability scans are divided into five types depending on the assets they scan. 


  • Network-based scans identify vulnerable network systems. 
  • Host-based scans provide insight into a workstation, server, and other network host vulnerabilities. 
  • Wireless scans ensure your business’ network is secure by identifying rogue access points. 
  • Application scans search for vulnerabilities in network and web apps. 
  • Database scans bring weak points in a database to light.

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