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Your network is the backbone of your company. Successful business correlates directly with consistent performance, security, availability, and maintenance of your network. Network management and monitoring is a massive undertaking, and most small to mid-size businesses are not equipped to maintain network functionality or security. Inadequate network management often leads to substantial downtime and costly disruptions in your business operations.

Integrated Technology adds value to businesses with 24/7 network management and monitoring by our dedicated technical experts to keep your business running smoothly. Our team has the knowledge and experience to proactively monitor, maintain, and optimize your technology infrastructure on your behalf. Integrated Technology’s preventive approach to network management and monitoring mitigates issues before you even know they exist and reduces the risk of future threats. With 24/7 network management and monitoring, our certified technicians improve your network’s security, availability, and performance so you can focus on running your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Network management and monitoring is the practice of supervising a data network’s operations and infrastructure and administering services to ensure the network provides its users with the quality and performance they expect. Integrated Technology’s 24/7 network management and monitoring is an important element of our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. We provide you with dedicated IT experts to configure, monitor and maintain a reliable and secure network for your business so you can carry out everyday tasks efficiently.

Integrated Technology delivers an array of crucial management and monitoring services, the most impactful being our unlimited customer support and around-the-clock response. We offer real-time maps of network topologies, performance analytics, continuous monitoring, and bandwidth allocation for business-critical traffic. This means issues are detected early and resolved quickly, optimizing network speed and security.

Our dedicated experts take on the responsibility of managing and monitoring your network, saving you time and resources. We improve your business network’s performance, availability, and security so you can work more efficiently than ever before. Our services advance your network’s visibility and enhance data accessibility and compliance. We not only reduce the risk of security threats–we prevent them. Our network monitoring services effectively optimize your network’s speed and security. By improving your asset utilization, Integrated Technology also lowers technology expenses for your business.

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