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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Fortify Your Digital Defenses with Expert SOC

Yesterday’s security is no match for the evolving threats and attack methods used by today’s cybercriminals. Keeping your business safe from cyber threats requires continuous attention, advanced technology, and expert knowledge. Your business demands a comprehensive security defense to protect its critical systems and sensitive data.

Integrated Technology has partnered with RocketCyber, a leading SOC provider leverages the power of people, processes, and technology to protect your organization from security breaches and maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

With managed SOC, your business gets the dedicated support of our team of highly-skilled security professionals who are committed to monitoring, detecting, and mitigating any and all cybersecurity incidents. These experts monitor and analyze your business’s network, systems, and applications around the clock. By leveraging advanced threat intelligence and industry-leading security practices, our SOC team swiftly detects and neutralizes potential threats before they can damage your organization.

Managed SOC-as-a-Service Features

24/7 Threat Monitoring & Analysis
Our SOC operates around the clock, constantly and continuously monitoring your network for suspicious activity. We employ advanced security tools and proactive processes to detect threats and vulnerabilities in real-time.

Threat Detection & Incident Response
With cybersecurity experts trained to swiftly identify and respond to potential security incidents, our SOC provides unmatched threat detection. We identify emerging threats, investigate incidents, and take immediate action to mitigate risks.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Our team employs sophisticated analytics tools to deliver detailed reports on security events, threat trends, and vulnerabilities in your system. By using this information, we can improve our security measures and offer you practical insights to strengthen your overall security.

Incident Investigation & Forensics
If there is a security incident, our SOC team will investigate thoroughly to find out what caused it and how extensive the breach is. They will analyze digital evidence and use forensic techniques to provide you with a complete understanding of the incident and suggest ways to fix it.

Proactive Threat Intelligence
To ensure your business stays safe from cybercriminals, we use the latest threat intelligence feeds, industry reports, and global security databases to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our proactive approach allows us to anticipate and prevent potential risks, keeping you one step ahead of any danger.

Customized Security Solutions
We recognize that every business has its own security needs. Therefore, our SOC services are customized to fit your specific requirements, guaranteeing that your company receives top-notch protection while adhering to the compliance standards of your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Network management and monitoring is the practice of supervising a data network’s operations and infrastructure and administering services to ensure the network provides its users with the quality and performance they expect. Integrated Technology’s 24/7 network management and monitoring is an important element of our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. We provide you with dedicated IT experts to configure, monitor and maintain a reliable and secure network for your business so you can carry out everyday tasks efficiently.

Integrated Technology delivers an array of crucial management and monitoring services, the most impactful being our unlimited customer support and around-the-clock response. We offer real-time maps of network topologies, performance analytics, continuous monitoring, and bandwidth allocation for business-critical traffic. This means issues are detected early and resolved quickly, optimizing network speed and security.

Our dedicated experts take on the responsibility of managing and monitoring your network, saving you time and resources. We improve your business network’s performance, availability, and security so you can work more efficiently than ever before. Our services advance your network’s visibility and enhance data accessibility and compliance. We not only reduce the risk of security threats–we prevent them. Our network monitoring services effectively optimize your network’s speed and security. By improving your asset utilization, Integrated Technology also lowers technology expenses for your business.

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