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Tailored Web Application Firewalls

As primary access points to your business’ valuable data, web applications are major targets for hackers and other malicious actors. Cybersecurity-minded businesses implement web application firewalls, or WAFs, as a frontline defense against attacks on web apps. No matter what industry you’re in, any devices accessing your network should be using a web application firewall to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe.

Integrated Technology’s web application firewalls are integral to our holistic cybersecurity solution suite. Our WAFs create a shield between a web app and the Internet that protects web applications by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between the app and the Internet. Integrated Technology tailors your WAF to support your business’ unique application security objectives, defend against attacks, and keep your data safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

A web application firewall, or WAF, protects web applications from various application-layer attacks, including cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, cookie poisoning, and more. These firewalls work by inspecting the traffic moving between web applications and the Internet and filtering out sensitive data that third parties are not authorized to access. WAFs provide critical protection for businesses of all kinds, specifically those that must adhere to stringent regulatory standards and requirements.

A WAF from Integrated Technology provides critical protection for businesses that must securely handle private customer data to defend against breaches that have the potential to incur regulatory penalties and severely compromise customer confidence. A WAF is especially beneficial for businesses offering e-commerce sites, online financial services, or any other type of web-based product or service involving interactions with customers or business partners. WAFs are also valuable from a compliance perspective as they provide security administrators with the application visibility necessary to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.

The primary advantage of web application firewalls is your business’ data security. Surrounding benefits for businesses implementing WAFs also include increased visibility for administrators, simplified regulation compliance, continual application security testing that proactively sets guidelines and rules, and more rapid response to security incidents.

Web application firewalls create a shield between a web app and the Internet that mitigates common attacks that threaten your business data. A WAF operates through a set of rules, often called policies. These policies aim to protect against vulnerabilities in the application by filtering out malicious traffic. The value of a WAF comes in part from the speed and ease with which policy modification can be implemented, allowing for a faster response to varying attack vectors; during a DDoS attack, rate limiting can be quickly implemented by modifying WAF policies.

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