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Increased Reliability and Capacity with Cloud Datacenter Hosting

Regardless of size or industry, every business requires a datacenter. Businesses are increasingly transitioning away from the on-premises datacenter and adopting cloud datacenters. If your business is managing its own cloud datacenter hosting, you understand how costly the operation and management of it is, especially for small to mid-size organizations. Even larger businesses with more complex applications have increased bandwidth needs that most businesses are not equipped to provide for themselves. That’s why many businesses rely on cloud datacenter hosting from managed service providers that are equipped with the resources and expertise to host their data effectively and securely. 

Datacenter IT experts from Integrated Technology eliminate uncertainties about your servers. Our team of experienced professionals are in charge of keeping everything running behind the scenes. Datacenter hosting from Integrated Technology alleviates the burden on your operation of staffing, maintenance, and security. We provide top-tier facilities that are engineered and maintained at higher standards to protect your most sensitive information. Our facilities support the quick expansion of power and bandwidth. With our reliable datacenter hosting, your company reduces capital expenditures and accelerates the implementation of technology with on-demand services. As a critical component of Integrated Technology’s comprehensive cloud offering, our cloud datacenter hosting services reduce operational overhead, lower security risk, and deliver more time and resources toward your business’ value-generating initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud datacenter differs significantly from the traditional physical datacenter. A cloud datacenter is completely online. With a cloud datacenter, your business’ data is stored on cloud servers and is automatically fragmented and duplicated across various locations for secure storage. In the event of failures, your cloud service provider ensures data backups to keep your organization operational. With cloud datacenter hosting by a managed provider like Integrated Technology, the responsibility of managing your datacenter infrastructure is shifted to a team of dedicated experts who monitor and manage your data for improved uptime and availability while enhancing data security.

With datacenter hosting from Integrated Technology, your organization’s information and applications are migrated from your on-site infrastructure to our hosted facility, where you receive extensive expert support from our certified technicians and your data is protected.

Cloud datacenter hosting from Integrated Technology gives your business access to secure cloud datacenters that protect your information from widespread downtime events and malware, compliance-ready solutions that can meet the most stringent of regulations, frequent data backup that guarantees access to the most recent iterations of your files, documents, and communications, and real-time reporting so you’re always in the loop on the status of your backups.

The primary benefit of datacenter hosting from a managed service provider is a reduction in overall costs for your business. Integrated Technology’s datacenter hosting delivers greater bandwidth, support systems, security, and other resources that your operation can benefit from but that require unrealistic overhead from your business.

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