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Expert Risk Assessment to Protect Your Bussiness’ Data

As businesses grow, so do the number of digital risks they are exposed to. Identifying threats in a business’ network is not often a priority, leaving companies and their networks vulnerable to a myriad of cyberattacks. Without a proper risk assessment, a business faces the possibility of data breaches that result in significant financial loss.

Integrated Technology’s cybersecurity risk assessment services mitigate the cyber risks your growing business may face. Our cybersecurity experts employ proven risk management strategies and assessments to protect your company’s sensitive data. We address vulnerabilities in an organization’s network y identifying and strengthening them to reduce the chances of security and data breaches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

During risk assessment, a cybersecurity expert identifies the information assets in your network that could be compromised during a cyber attack. The expert then reviews what cyber risks are most likely to compromise your business assets. By identifying risks, business owners can ensure they have the best criteria to protect their business network from cybercrime. 

Businesses of all sizes face unique cyber threats. Cyber risks can range from many scenarios that put your data at risk, from malware to system failures. Some common threats that can affect organizations of every size are human errors, insider threats, data leaks, and service disruption. 

A risk assessment by a cybersecurity expert identifies the various assets that may be targetted during a cyberattack, including organization desktops, information, networks, hardware, and more. Through various tests and tested scenarios, the expert observes what the risks of a business is, and where the weak points stem from. Then, business owners receive recommendations on risk management and how to proceed to obtain the lowest chances of being hacked by an attacker. 

Without a risk assessment, no business can implement the right measures to avoid a significant cyber incident from attacking business assets; therefore, being at a higher risk of facing irreversible damage at the hands of cybercriminals. By identifying potential cyber threats through risk assessment, businesses gain crucial insight into the strengths and vulnerabilities within their network. Integrated Technology’s cybersecurity experts can help your business reduce the chance of security incidents by mitigating the risks identified during a risk assessment. 

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