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Datacenter Services Offer Tailored Solutions Crucial to Your Business’ Success

Datacenter services all your business the flexibility needed to meet requirements with customizable, high-performance, and virtualized operational environments. Gain capacity management and just-in-time component provisioning with a full range of disaster recovery services, including planning, testing, and implementing services with automated online and offsite backup. Reduce your cost of ownership and operation, including reduced power, space, and colling requirements through lifecycle data management. Experience efficiency and reliability of datacenter and important services along with lower costs through the use of virtualization and hardware consolidation and optimization. 

Seek mission-critical datacenter management services with Integrated Technology. We have more than ten years of experience providing reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and green datacenter management services. Our managed services are trusted and provide engineering, capacity planning, and operations and maintenance. We understand that it’s critical for a business in this part of the state to have anywhere-anytime access to your data, so we make sure it’s available whenever you need it. With advanced datacenter solutions through Integrated Techonology, you can rest easy knowing your business data will stay connected and secure for all your employees, in the office or on the go. Our powerful and dependable suite of advanced solutions for business IT delivers exactly the reliability and performance you need to get the most out of your business technology investment now and moving into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a managed service from Integrated Technology, advanced datacenter solutions provide expert-level management of your business infrastructure and data. This may include implementation, maintenance, operation of processing, storage, networking, management, and data distribution. Datacenter services include everything from initial consultation to ongoing support for your business. Outsourcing your datacenter allows your business to operate at maximum capacity without having to deal with the nitty-gritty details that go into the power supply, so you can focus on running your business smoothly and driving innovation in your industry.

Through Integrated Technology’s advanced datacenter solutions, our team offers unmatched server support. This includes the setup, configuration, and expert guidance to ensure that you get your fast data access and that issues are resolved immediately. Integrated Technology employs the industry’s most trusted and seasoned datacenter experts to guarantee a tailored datacenter solution and strategy that offers the scalability to grow with your business into the future. We also offer network security to fortify your network’s defenses and effectively fend off spam, malware, and a host of other cyber threats.

Using a datacenter allows you to outsource your power requirements. This process allows your business to protect power by lessening the impact of a failure. It also allows you to cut costs, as the price of power and cooling has increased significantly. Finally, outsourcing your datacenter helps you meet efficiency requirements since power laws vary widely and can be difficult to keep up with. It’s important for you to have the ability to work with the amount of power your business requires.

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