Regulatory Compliance

Advanced Regulatory Compliance for Businesses

Regulatory compliance exists at the intersection of IT and HR. If your business fails to meet all relevant regulatory compliance standards, the legal penalties and damage to your business’ reputation can quickly become insurmountable. 

Regulatory compliance services from Integrated Technology satisfy all compliance requirements for your business, protecting your organization’s most sensitive information from unauthorized access and safeguarding you from legal ramifications. Our firm has searched high and low to assemble an experienced and certified team of security specialists ready to deal with any compliance challenges your company may face. Integrated Technology understands your challenges and wants to help your organization reach its ambitions, no matter how complex they may be. Our powerful and dependable advanced solutions for business IT deliver exactly the reliability and performance you need to get the most out of your business technology investment now and moving into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your business is required by law to comply with the set of organizational processes, policies, and procedures set forth for your industry and type of business. Regulatory compliance exists when your business satisfies all state, federal, and international laws and regulations that are relevant to your operation and industry. Many of these regulations are in place to protect sensitive information that your business possesses.

To ensure regulatory compliance, we tailor compliance services specifically to your business. We investigate all relevant rules for your industry, business, customers, employees, and more and follow every law down to the letter. Common regulatory compliance areas include the following:


PCI Compliance

Ensure the safety of payment card data with top-notch auditing and security solutions.

PCI compliance services from Integrated Technology deliver expert service from qualified security assessors, or QSAs, who audit your existing systems and identify areas where security is lacking. Our PCI compliance services also include holistic security solutions like end-to-end encryption, intrusion prevention systems, identity and access management, and high-end firewall configurations. Our certified compliance experts deliver around the clock support and adjust your security controls to keep your compliance up to date. Our PCI compliance solution uses automation to eliminate slow, manual data processing that often results in non-compliance.


ISO Compliance

Demonstrate your company’s security capabilities by receiving an ISO 27001 certification.

Benefits of ITCS ISO compliance services: ISO-certified services are designed to identify, manage, and reduce the range of threats against your business. ISO compliance services from Integrated Technology help your business avoid financial penalties with multi-layered security and business continuity solutions. Ensure data integrity and availability with our ISO compliance services, and avoid the costly repercussions and reputational damage data breaches can incur. Additionally, ISO compliance services from our expert team give your business a marketing edge because customers are more likely to do business with a company that demonstrates good security practices.


HIPAA Compliance

Meet complex medical data regulations and requirements with our endpoint, network, and data security offerings. Our HIPAA compliance services offer network security audits, where we conduct risk assessments and penetration tests to look for possible signs of unauthorized entry and data breaches. Also included is healthcare IT services, where our technicians proactively manage your systems, reduce the likelihood of downtime, and alleviate all your IT headaches. Integrated Technology also provides cloud backup and data recovery if your clinic was hit with a natural disaster or cyberattack. Our certified team also offers training to provide in-depth knowledge about HIPAA and develop good security habits to achieve compliance.

Regulatory compliance is critical to the security of your business. If your company is caught unprepared, you won’t just suffer the huge financial losses of a data breach, you’ll also experience legal penalties that could give your organization a bad reputation. Integrated Technology’s regulatory compliance services guide your organization in compliance with applicable laws to ensure compliance and information security.

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