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Enhance Operational Visibility and Cybersecurity with Asset Inventory

As a part of our managed services offering, we complete and manage an IT asset inventory for your organization and remove that pain point.  Having an accurate inventory of all IT assets is foundational to your organization’s cybersecurity. Without an accurate, updated asset inventory, it’s almost impossible to manage compliance and cybersecurity risk. With business assets constantly changing, managing an accurate, up-to-date asset inventory yourself can be nearly impossible and that is why we take on that responsibility.

Asset inventory is a vital element of your security program that can ultimately improve your security posture. Integrated Technology’s trained and certified technicians take the time to discover and inventory all of your company’s assets, establishing a real-time, continuous record of all managed devices, apps, and services. We can also provide decision-makers with asset tracking and reporting allowing them to see a complete picture of the company’s assets and for decision making on the replacement of assets as they become obsolete. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset inventory is a comprehensive list of your operation’s enterprise hardware and software. This includes on-premise, cloud, mobile, third-party, perimeter, core, and more asset types. Between devices being retired and added, physical machines migrating to virtual, and software being installed and updated, Integrated Technology’s asset inventory services keep track of it all so you don’t have to. 

Integrated Technology’s asset inventory helps you mitigate risk and ensure business operations run smoothly. The numerous assets tied to your business are each susceptible to multiple attack vectors. An accurate, up-to-date asset inventory ensures your company can keep track of the type and age of hardware and software in use. Tracking this information helps you easily identify technology gaps and refresh cycles. As systems begin to age, they could no longer be supported by the manufacturer, presenting a security risk to your organization as a whole. Unsupported software no longer receives updates from the manufacturer, creating new vulnerabilities for your operation.

Integrated Technology documents a complete inventory of all IT assets (hardware and software) and continuously manage the asset inventory as the assets of the client change over time. We also ensure that all licensing is accurate and updated as necessary.

As your business matures, the number of endpoints grows and can easily be overlooked. Playing catch-up with asset inventory is very difficult and time-consuming from a technical perspective. Implementing asset inventory at the earliest possible stage ensures that there is a process to track and manage inventory, mitigating risks down the road. As your firm grows, you can use this data to make smart technology and security-related decisions.

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