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Threat Detection

Threat Detection for Proactive Data Security

Attackers are opportunistic. While a threat may be unknown to you, hackers are ready to exploit every possible vulnerability to breach your business. By scanning your defensive barriers, they pinpoint weaknesses in your organization’s cybersecurity environment and target them to gain unauthorized access to your most sensitive data. These data breaches compromise private customer information, can have expensive financial repercussions, and threaten the reputation and solvency of your entire business. 

Integrated Technology’s threat detection solutions proactively shield your organization from information security threats, protecting you from hacks before they occur. Our cybersecurity tools skillfully detect malicious activity within and surrounding your IT environment and swiftly neutralize cyber threats before they can capitalize on vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive security strategies and assessments allow our team to customize a cybersecurity solution that thoroughly protects your business’ data, network, and devices from cybersecurity threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Threat detection is the cybersecurity practice of assessing the entire security ecosystem of your business to identify where and how malicious activity could compromise your network, devices, or data. Integrated Technology’s dynamic threat detection solution examines user behaviors, abnormal activities, and the overall network environment to promptly address threats and identify risk for potential breaches so they can be proactively managed. 

Integrated Technology’s cybersecurity pros cater threat detection to the unique vulnerabilities and existing technology infrastructure of your business. We assess network defense strength, identify weaknesses, and profile cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Based on these findings, our team tailors a threat detection and response solution that prioritizes your organization’s needs, addressing both likely and unlikely threats and ensuring robust protection across your entire business infrastructure. 

Cyber threats come in various forms, and hackers are constantly developing new methods to access your sensitive data. Different types of cyber threats can exploit security weaknesses and damage a business’ computer systems and networks. Some common types of security threats businesses face include viruses, malware, ransomware, social engineering, privilege misuse, and denial of service (DoS). While these are common types of cyber threats, there is no way to know what specific dangers a business’ network may be vulnerable to without proper threat detection and penetration testing

Whether they realize it or not, small- to mid-sized businesses are at great risk of being breached by attackers. Businesses without adequate threat detection may be vulnerable to cyber threats that jeopardize monetary, intellectual, or reputational assets. Threat detection conducted by Integrated Technology can mitigate common and advanced cyber threats by monitoring abnormalities and identifying potential weak points in a business’ network.

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