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DNS Filtering

Reliable DNS Threat Protection for Your Business

While employee security awareness training is effective for protecting your business from the majority of opportunities for human error, mistakes can still happen. Effective filtering strengthens your company’s default level of cybersecurity by blocking the vast majority of threats that target unaware or untrained employees.

DNS, or domain name system, filtering from Integrated Technology ensures your company’s data remains secure and gives you control over what your employees can access on your organization’s network and connected devices. As part of our larger cybersecurity technology solution, our advanced DNS filtering prevents your network users from accessing malicious web content based on customized filtering that our team of expert technicians tailors to your unique business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

DNS filtering is a type of web filtering that uses the domain name system to block access to malicious or unwanted websites and IP addresses so they cannot load on any network-connected device. The DNS filtering process uses content-based filtering to block access to your organization’s specified websites. If a site is deemed a threat, its IP address is blocked with a DNS filter and access is prevented on network-connected devices. This filtering process can also be implemented for any categorized sites, such as social media, news, and more to protect employee productivity in addition to enterprise cybersecurity.

Before a network-connected device loads a website, DNS filtering sends a query to your organization’s DNS solution to filter them through an allowlist or a blocklist, which either allows or blocks content from certain websites. If a malicious site is on the blocklist or is not present on the allowlist, the DNS resolver blocks the request. 

DNS filtering is one of the most common and effective methods of securing your organization’s environment from online threats. It ensures a secure network that allows more control over internet accessibility and employee productivity. With DNS filtering in place, instead of your server simply returning the IP address as long as the site exists, the request is processed through additional controls to ensure the site is safe and permitted through your business’ network. DNS filtering prevents phishing attacks and keeps malware from accessing your company’s network and off user devices, boosting your organization’s overall cybersecurity. Integrated Technology makes threat protection through content filtering simple and automatic for your business and your network users.

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