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Network Monitoring

Continuous Network Monitoring for Elevated Performance

As your enterprise network expands to accommodate business growth, your network administrators accumulate greater responsibility until, inevitably, your operation demands a dedicated network monitoring solution to effectively manage internal activity and performance. While network monitoring focuses on internal infrastructure and traffic, the practice is inexorably woven into the greater cybersecurity umbrella protecting your business. By design, external cyber attacks like DDoS and malware interrupt your organization’s internal network capabilities, rendering internal network monitoring crucial to cybersecurity. 

Network monitoring from Integrated Technology is a critical layer of protection that performs seamlessly alongside our suite of managed enterprise cybersecurity solutions to offer the highest level of protection and performance for your business. Our reliable monitoring solution delivers greater availability, performance, and configuration for your network so your business operates as efficiently and productively as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Network monitoring offers a high-level view of your organization’s network infrastructure. The practice focuses on understanding the composition, availability, status, behavior, performance, and configuration of all the components within your enterprise network. A network monitoring system monitors and tracks network activity for issues, and when a problem is detected, an automatic alert is sent to system administrators.

Network monitoring from Integrated Technology continuously monitors network activity by measuring your critical network metrics like availability, performance, and configuration to identify internal performance issues or delays caused by malfunctioning devices or overloaded resources.

As your business grows, so do the users, expectations, and size of your network infrastructure. These intensifying network demands require an enterprise solution equipped with the advanced tools and technology to effectively monitor your network in its entirety.  Network monitoring from Integrated Technology delivers greater availability, higher performance, and improved configuration to improve your business operations and support your organization’s expansion. Our sophisticated enterprise solution offers support for managing advanced subnetting and configurations spread across multiple switches, routers, servers and load balancers that support thousands of users.

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