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Your business faces increasing pressure to innovate faster, adapt more rapidly to change, and work more efficiently. Enterprise cloud computing platforms like the leading Amazon Web Services offers a wealth of services and functionalities to support your business’ operation in the cloud and has cemented itself as a critical component of success. At the same time, AWS environments demand constant attention and expertise to manage and secure, rapidly pulling your internal resources away from the core tasks that drive growth for your business. 

Integrated Technology manages your AWS environment for you. For a flat fee, you get a team of AWS-certified experts who manage and optimize your AWS infrastructure 24/7 so you can focus on running and growing your business. Our AWS management services vastly enhance your cloud computing capabilities, including cloud migration assessments, rehost, replatform, repurchase, storage, and more. Our expert IT professionals support, optimize, and manage your AWS cloud for less than the cost of employing internal staff with AWS expertise. As a critical component of Integrated Technology’s comprehensive cloud offering, our managed AWS services reduce operational overhead, lower security risk, and deliver more time and resources toward your business’ value-generating initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud computing platform known for its success in systematizing business’ infrastructure. Cloud computing with AWS provides your business with access to IT resources, flexibility, and ownership over your web applications. Amazon Web Services is a way to easily scale computing capacity versus a server farm approach. It offers over 200 services available from international data centers to reach millions of customers. It’s popular for its lower costs, improved security features, agility, and innovation. Cloud computing is increasingly critical to many businesses that need a secure, accessible, and connected network that doesn’t require expensive and time-consuming hardware. With cloud computing, you will experience on-demand compute power, database, storage, applications, and more. 

As an Amazon Web Services partner, Integrated Technology helps your business build a successful infrastructure with embedded business, technical, and marketing support to meet your evolving needs. We’re here to help you build strong web applications, improve your business’ architecture, produce scalable cloud migration, and continuously increase collaboration. We’ll be there from the initial install to the ongoing support you may need with Amazon Web Services as your business evolves. 

Managed AWS services from Integrated Technology minimize your operational overhead, lower your security risk, and give your team more freedom and resources to dedicate to dedicate to core business operations–customer interactions, applications, and other growth-generating initiatives. Integrated Technology’s team of seasoned IT professionals proactively provides recommendations to optimize your environment. With an AWS environment managed by Integrated Technology, your business can focus on driving revenue and expanding operations. 

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