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Hybrid On-Premise to Cloud

For many business, the optimal computing environment is neither cloud nor on-premise–it’s a hybrid solution that offers greater flexibility as well as strategic benefits of both cloud and on-premise. A hybrid on-premise to cloud solution allows your business to integrate better control over computing resources. Hybrid on-premise to cloud may include your on-premise data center and private and public cloud resources that enable you to connect traditional systems with new ones suited for the cloud. However, many businesses struggle to manage the complexities of hybrid solutions internally.

With Integrated Technology’s hybrid on-premise to cloud solutions, you can store sensitive data in the place best suited to your business with the confidence that it’s in trusted hands.

Our flexible and customizable hybrid offering offers scaling to guarantee the most effective solution fit for your operation. With our hybrid to on-premise cloud solutions, you gain access to the expertise of our certified IT technicians to ensure your business data is secure both on-site and in the cloud. Harness greater control over your computing resources and security with customized hybrid on-premise to cloud solutions from Integrated Technology. Discover our entire cloud solution and on-premise offering to see how Integrated Technology supports every aspect of your operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hybrid cloud is the integration of a public cloud or on-premise resources. Hybrid cloud refers to a mixed computing, storage, and services environment made up of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud, with orchestration among the various platforms. Hybrid solutions allow your business to maintain existing infrastructure and legacy on-premise servers while securely integrating with a cloud computing platform in a way that is not disruptive to daily operations. The hybrid approach delivers enhanced flexibility by allowing applications and components of your business to interoperate across boundaries and between architectures. The hybrid cloud includes your on-premise data center, public and private cloud resources, and workloads that are tied together under common data management.

With hybrid on-premise to cloud solutions from Integrated Technology, your business gets to maintain its on-premise infrastructure while integrating with the cloud. Our hybrid solutions give your organization access to the flexibility offered by the cloud. You can run specific workloads on the cloud while retaining sensitive data in your on-premise data center. By partnering with Integrated Technology for hybrid on-premise to cloud solutions, you receive benefits like on-premise control alongside the flexibility offered by the cloud–all of which is secured and maintained by our team of certified IT technicians.

Hybrid on-premise to cloud solutions from Integrated Technology offer flexibility and scaling, greater control over computing resources, enhanced data security, adaptability, and cost savings. Hybrid on-premise to cloud solutions offer a balanced, secure dual environment that is beneficial for operations that demand agility.

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