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Dark Web Monitoring

Inspect, Detect, and Eliminate Dark Web Threats to Your Business

The dark web is an anonymous web browser that cybercriminals utilize to buy and sell stolen information. Cybercrime is the number one activity on the dark web, where criminals obtain access codes, passwords, customer data, and so much more. It’s also where they can sell such information to third parties who can then do with it what they please. As a business, you need to know the moment your company name, address, or other company-related information is noticed on the dark web.  

Integrated Technology gives you unparalleled visibility into dark web risks that could threaten your business, enabling our cybersecurity experts to take action before they become incidents. Protect your business, employees, and customers from threats on the dark web with a monitoring solution that accesses the same information cybercriminals use.

Integrated Technology’s dark web monitoring solution is a crucial element of our comprehensive network cybersecurity offering and crawls the dark web on behalf of your business to catch leaked information or attack planning in real-time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dark web monitoring is an information theft prevention process that monitors the dark web for your business data. Dark web monitoring limits the damage of a data breach, allowing Integrated Technology to take necessary action on behalf of your business to protect against a potential attack. 

Integrated Technology’s dark web monitoring solution functions similarly to a search engine for the dark web. It scans for possible leaked or stolen information from your business like compromised passwords, breached credentials, intellectual property, and other sensitive data being shared and sold to malicious actors. If Integrated Technology finds your business’ information on the dark web, you are notified immediately and we take action immediately.

The dark web is often the first place your organization’s breached data lands–compromised credentials, third-party leaks, ransomware dump listings, and more. It is also a source of invaluable threat intelligence like pre-planned attacks or discussions around vulnerabilities and exploits. The earlier third-party breaches are discovered, the faster you can mitigate the risk and prevent collateral damage to your employees and customers.

Accessing the dark web yourself to search for company information is difficult, time-consuming, and dangerous if you aren’t acquainted with the environment. Effective dark web monitoring requires knowledge about accumulating, parsing, normalizing, validating, refining, and enriching the data you acquire. Integrated Technology’s seasoned cybersecurity experts monitor the dark web for you, so you can rest assured your business information is secure. Protecting your business from the dark web includes two things: ensuring strong cybersecurity practices and monitoring the dark web so that you’re notified the moment your information is out there. Integrated Technology helps businesses accomplish both of these objectives.

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