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Freedom to Work Anytime, Anywhere with Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop solutions enable your employees to operate virtually while connected to their desktop and its applications. Virtual desktop technology is the best way to create a remote workforce for your business. Implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure allows your business to fully operate no matter where your employees are. You can host desktops inside virtual machines running on centralized servers and vastly improve data security and privacy by storing sensitive files in a remote, secure data center. A few examples of industries that greatly benefit from virtual desktop systems include healthcare, academia, companies with shift workers, users with multiple computers, or businesses with field or remote staff. 

Integrated Technology’s virtual desktop solutions allow you to run multiple operating systems on a single computer, cut capital costs by eliminating redundant hardware expenses, ensure business continuity and speedy data recovery, and improve enterprise desktop management and control. We allow your staff to stay productive on the go, improve collaboration in the workplace, and streamline communication. Virtualization is increasingly important in today’s world, and you can offer remote work, improve efficiency, and vastly upgrade your business with virtual desktop solutions from Integrated Technology. Virtual desktop is part of a comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud solutions from Integrated Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual desktop enables its users to access their desktop and applications from any endpoint device. IT organizations like ours can manage these desktops from a central location. Virtual desktops may include operating systems and applications accessed through software or web browsers through any endpoint device.

Virtual desktops rely on software to run effectively. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows desktop operating systems to run on-premise servers. Cloud software that enable the same thing are known as desktop as a service (DaaS). Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) allow multiple users to share a single Windows Server operating system with and OS installed directly on a server. 

Integrated Technology offers virtual desktop solutions. This means we enable your business to use a software emulation of a hardware device that runs on a machine from a remote location, hosted either on-premise or on the cloud. We enable you to run your business smoothly and work anywhere, anytime without compromising productivity or quality. Let Integrated Technology virtualize your desktops and host them in our offsite data center, so you’ll be able to free up office space and embrace the flexibility of telecommuting.

Whether your employees are working from home, attending a conference, or commuting the the office, our virtual desktops provide them direct access to corporate computers, so long as they’re connected to the internet. Teleworking is the way of the future, and you can keep up by using virtual desktop solutions.

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