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Expert Managed Services for On-Premise IT

Managing the availability and security of your company’s data and applications within an on-premise network infrastructure provides immediate access and constant availability to the critical information your business relies on to operate. To better support on-premise network infrastructure, many businesses rely on managed service providers for on-premise solutions and support. Integrated Technology monitors, maintains and optimizes your business tech infrastructure with on-premise IT support. Its most significant advantage is security, as your critical data doesn’t have to leave your business.

Integrated Technology is your go-to for on-premise enterprise IT solutions and support. When you partner with Integrated Technology, your business gains unlimited access to our expert technicians to provide reliable, accessible support so that you can focus on your business’ priorities. With unlimited IT services, our certified technicians manage your organization’s on-premise network infrastructure so you can direct your internal resources toward value-generating initiative. You receive 24/7 support with an all-encompassing plan, meaning you don’t have to pay individually per request. We implement customized solutions that mitigate the risk of issues arising and are prompt to respond if something does go wrong. With unlimited on-premise IT support and advanced solutions from Integrated Technology, you benefit from expertly-managed IT and unlimited support–all for a cost-effective flat rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your business operations take place within an on-premise network infrastructure, the security and efficiency of that on-premise network directly impacts your organization’s productivity and value to customers. Integrated Technology’s seasoned IT professionals design solutions customized for your business and deliver unmatched expert support for your on-premise enterprise IT. Your data is protected and your systems are monitored with our advanced on-premise solution that is downloaded to your on-premise network. Our on-premise solutions allow your business to operate and access information and applications without the internet, cost less than other methods, and offer greater control over your data. 

When your business partners with Integrated Technology, our experts work with your existing resources to develop successful and efficient managed service solutions that elevate your organization. Weather you’re working with an internal IT department of one, a small IT team, or no internal IT at all, our on-premise solutions scale to meet your needs now and into the future. We offer a proactive approach to IT with daily support so you can focus on running your business. Outsourcing your IT to Integrated Technology doesn’t mean that we won’t be available when you need us; we offer 24/7 unlimited support without draining productivity or profits like employing an internal team would. 

We’re here to keep your business cybersecurity comprehensive and impenetrable with advanced on-premise services and support that solve problems proactively and deliver a secure network infrastructure for your business data and applications. Our constant monitoring and responsiveness are baked into your flat fee, so there’s no extra cost for our undivided attention. We provide a dedicated project manager, remote and on-site maintenance, routine software updates, and an around-the-clock help desk to answer staff queries and resolve problems. With our unlimited services, you’ll no longer have to spend time managing and maintaining your technology.

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