Denial of Service Attack

Defend Against Denial-Of-Service Attacks

Businesses of all sizes and their computer systems are vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, designed to shut down machines or flood them with overwhelming traffic. A DoS attack’s traffic triggers constant crashes in devices within affected systems, preventing authorized users from accessing the information needed to operate a business efficiently. By oversaturating the capacity of a computer system, authorized users cannot access or utilize devices within a network. Cyber threat actors cost businesses unrecoverable amounts of time, money, and resources that threaten the efficiency of a company’s operations. 

Integrated Technology provides industry-proven response solutions to shield a network from opportunistic cybercriminals aiming to disable devices. Businesses like yours rely on our solutions to effectively guard their network and address their vulnerabilities. Additionally, our services include mitigation techniques to lessen the impact of a denial-of-service attack. With our cybersecurity experts’ trusted response methods, corporations can avoid the reputational, productivity, service, and monetary repercussions of a denial-of-service attack on vulnerable networks. Response solutions from Integrated Technology detect malicious activity within your organization’s environment so you can immediately mitigate potential disasters and avoid detrimental data leaks and downtime. We implement a risk-based approach that is always up-to-date and remains scalable. As your infrastructure grows and changes, our response solution adapts to keep your business protected no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions

When an authorized user cannot access a device, their business information systems, or network resources due to overwhelming traffic, they have been subject to a denial-of-service attack. To create traffic, the cyber attacker sends several requests to their target server to disable the functionality of the network and its devices. Another way to overwhelm a system is to cause a decision to consume all memory, hard disk space, and CPU time through memory buffer flows. Once a system is properly flooded with too many requests, the devices will perform a denial-of-service. A denial-of-service attack causes a business to lose time, money, and resources.

A cybercriminal who employs a denial-of-service attack usually plots to harm a business’ profits or reputation. Once a denial-of-service attack occurs, a business’ network faces a plethora of issues that affect productivity. Some common signs of a denial-of-service attack are slow network performance when trying to surf the web or open network files, failure to launch applications, an excessive amount of spam emails, and inability to access webpages. 

Integrated Technology has a proven track record of addressing the effects of denial-of-service attacks while implementing prevention measures to safeguard a business’ network. Our cybersecurity experts prepare incident response plans that thoroughly explore all security options, resolute malicious traffic to counter the attack, use load balancers to mitigate the severity of the attack, and use proven technological innovations to detect and prevent future denial-of-service attacks.

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