Remote Employee Security with an MSP

As businesses lean into remote and hybrid work solutions, enterprise technology is making it easier than ever for work to happen anywhere. But a remote workforce comes with its own set of cybersecurity challenges. Luckily, managed IT service providers like Integrated Technology can support your remote workforce and help protect against cybersecurity threats, no matter where they happen. As an MSP focusing on cybersecurity, we understand the challenges of managing and protecting a remote workforce. That’s why we’ve helped businesses of all sizes thrive by providing these particularly supportive services for remote employees.

Expert IT Support 

Remote work demands superior around-the-clock IT support and response capabilities. Unlike working on-site where internal IT staff are easily available, working from home proves challenging because of varying locations and work hours. Most companies are not equipped with the technology or the expertise to remotely support and manage IT tasks. As a result, the standard of support slips and the network may be prone to cyber threats that can harm your business.

One of the primary benefits of partnering with an MSP is the redundancy it provides businesses. Reputable managed service providers staff multiple IT engineers, so each client has a dedicated team of certified professionals ready to support and assist them. MSPs like Integrated Technology work 24/7 to identify inconsistencies in your network and fix them immediately. This allows for a quicker response time and less costly downtime for your business.

Guaranteed Network Security

As business moves online and employees venture out of the office, the need for robust network security solutions has never been greater. In part, this is a consequence of home networks being less secure than office networks, making them more susceptible to malware and hackers. When you access a work file from an unsecured connection, you might be exposing your business data to the world and putting your network at risk.

Using network monitoring, MSPs work more proactively rather than reactively to protect your sensitive information against unauthorized access. By identifying potential risks and configuring security measures to prevent the breach from materializing, MSPs provide ceaseless protection against cybersecurity threats wherever you may be.

Secure Mobile Device Management

An increasingly remote workforce relies on mobile devices to carry out day-to-day business anywhere, anytime. Phones, laptops, and tablets support greater flexibility and efficiency for remote workers, but a single unmanaged device connected to your network can threaten the security of the entire business operation.

Secure access to your business’ network and critical data demands mobile device management and encryption to effectively control remote access to your organization’s sensitive information. Integrated Technology manages and encrypts mobile devices for businesses that depend on secure, convenient access to their networks to function remotely. An integral part of our cybersecurity offering, mobile device management and encryption maximizes the mobility and efficiency of your workforce without compromising the security of your network and data. 

Partner With Us

As Florida businesses’ trusted MSP, Integrated Technology equips organizations like yours with a reliable and secure IT foundation, so you can leverage the advanced technology that propels your business forward. Managed IT from Integrated Technology drives IT maturity through our best practices, proactive planning, and fast, reactive support.

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