Five Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Five Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Information technology (IT) is often an intimidating concept for business owners. After all, most businesses rely almost exclusively on tech investments and assets to operate and execute their services. That’s why business leaders are turning to outside experts to support their companies’ IT functions. Managed IT services offer professional maintenance and around-the-clock protection and assistance at a cost that is significantly lower than staffing an internal team. Below, we cover several reasons companies reach out to managed service providers like ITCS for their IT needs.

  1. Your business is growing.
    Whether your operation is small or large, reaching the maximum capacity of internal IT resources is inevitable. Businesses expand with success—which is worth celebrating. However, as your organization develops, so do your IT responsibilities and needs. It’s neither realistic nor responsible to task the same internal resource that handled early-stage IT needs with jobs that require a dedicated, knowledgeable, and well-equipped team. Outsourcing your business’ IT to a managed service provider, or MSP, frees up capital for even more growth. And by selecting providers like ITCS that tailor their services and support scalability, you can ensure your business’ IT is covered now and in the future.
  1. IT management is tedious and time-consuming.
    Growth is the ultimate goal of every business, but expansion occurs only when your team can focus on what drives ROI. For instance, developing new products and services is a valuable use of time and critical to expanding your bottom line. Responsibilities that no one on staff is excited about, like network and device monitoring, can drain even the most dynamic team of their creative energy. Furthermore, most businesses are not equipped with the latest technology designed specifically for IT tasks, adding to the burden on your team. Outsourced IT saves time and lets you focus on what you do best. ITCS offers innovative tools and data-minded experts to manage even the most daunting IT to-do lists.
  1. Cyber security risks are increasing.
    Your limited internal IT team faces insurmountable challenges when it comes to cyber security. It’s almost impossible for businesses to keep up with increasingly complex security compliance and stay informed on ever-changing threat tactics. Instead of risking your sensitive information and haphazardly managing compliance projects, reach out to an MSP like ITCS. We offer regulatory compliance and security services to safeguard your business assets. Our security specialists perform risk assessments and penetration testing and can guarantee PCI and HIPAA compliance. We also have certified professionals to support security and compliance audit initiatives to satisfy the most stringent security requirements.
  1. IT inefficiencies threaten your operations.
    Acute emergencies like cyber attacks are an obvious threat to every business, but mid-level and ongoing pain points like inefficient network infrastructure also delay operations. For organization leaders who are slow to seek expert help, even the most minor IT issues can escalate into major, operation-disruptive problems. Outsourced IT services like ITCS thoughtfully evaluate your business’ entire IT ecosystem to develop a plan that rectifies current problem areas. We monitor your network on an ongoing basis to proactively address areas of concern, ensuring high availability and improved performance so nothing interrupts your operation.
  1. Disparate systems waste time.
    If you’re juggling various networks, software platforms, or servers throughout the day, you understand the headaches and inefficiencies disparate systems cause. ITCS virtualization solution runs multiple operating systems and applications on a single server to streamline your daily operations. Our pooled server system grants instant, secure access to the resources you need, reducing hardware dependency and simplifying software and server management. With dynamic load balancing and server consolidation, your applications deploy more rapidly. Finally, disaster recovery ensures the safety of all your business data.

Managed service providers like ITCS provide reliable, secure support for the vital IT functions of any business. It’s like hiring a team of in-house experts, except affordable. When you outsource your IT to ITCS, we handle end-user support, cloud, cyber security, and device and network management, so you can focus on what makes your business successful. We tailor our services to meet your needs now, and ensure scalability to grow with your business. Connect with us today to customize your IT management solution.

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