What does a managed IT services provider do?

Enterprise IT can be an intimidating concept for business owners. After all, most businesses rely almost exclusively on tech investments and assets to operate and execute their services. Business leaders are turning to outside experts to support their companies’ IT functions. Managed IT services offer professional maintenance and around-the-clock protection and assistance at a cost significantly lower than staffing an internal team. Below, we cover the primary service offerings managed service providers like Integrated Technology deliver to our partners.


The current digital landscape is a breeding ground for cybercrime. Malicious actors search for every vulnerability in your organization’s defenses in their attempts to access your most valuable data. Hackers target businesses of all sizes and across industries, and it’s the companies that are the least prepared for cyberattacks that suffer the most devastating losses. Employing more sophisticated strategies at higher frequencies than ever before, these cybersecurity threats present an obvious danger to your organization, employees, and customers. 

Your enterprise cybersecurity solutions dictate how well your business is protected. Integrated Technology’s cybersecurity solutions cover every base, address every vulnerability, and safeguard every path to your data. Shifting your organization’s cybersecurity operations to Integrated Technology’s team of dedicated professionals elevates your network security while lowering IT costs and alleviating the workload on your staff. Our security, privacy, and compliance solutions integrate seamlessly into your business operations.

Cloud Computing

Our computing landscape is moving rapidly toward complete cloud technology integration. Discover the value of cloud computing for your business with Integrated Technology’s customized cloud computing solutions. We embrace cloud innovation while prioritizing your unique business needs. Our team’s approach utilizes industry-specific solutions to seamlessly migrate your enterprise environment to the cloud and manage operations securely so your business can grow to its full potential. 

From migration to hybrid solutions and cloud management, we work closely with your business to harness the full potential of our cloud technology offering. With cloud solutions from Integrated Technology, your business can safely and securely store data and utilize computing power on servers located outside your company while maintaining business unity and continuity. Companies operating in the cloud run more smoothly and efficiently and never have to worry about purchasing expensive physical upgrades. By accessing cloud servers through the internet, the final product is delivered to you as swiftly and securely as it would be from a local area network server.

On-Premise IT

Many companies continue to house their IT infrastructure on-premise. To better support on-premise network infrastructure, many businesses rely on managed service providers for on-premise solutions and support. Integrated Technology monitors, manages, maintains and optimizes your business tech infrastructure with on-premise IT solutions.

Integrated Technology’s seasoned, certified technicians evaluate your company’s technology infrastructure to fully understand your business IT needs. We work with businesses from the ground up, designing on-premise IT solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current systems to help you overcome challenges, simplify processes, and reduce costs. With our on-premise solutions, your critical business infrastructure resides in-house, giving you uncompromised control over your systems and data while achieving better business efficiency and, in turn, a greater ROI.

IT Response Solutions

Threats to your enterprise cybersecurity are ready to target every vulnerability across your organization. Cyberattacks are increasing rapidly across the current digital landscape, employing more sophisticated attack methods at unprecedented frequencies. In their attempts to gain unauthorized access to your valuable and sensitive data, cybercriminals rely on tactics like ransomware, cyber extortion, malware attacks, and more–presenting undeniable, immediate threats to your business, customers, employees, and your bottom line. Your organization’s response strategy to threats and attacks dictates how well your business is protected in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

Response solutions from Integrated Technology detect malicious activity within your organization’s environment so you can immediately mitigate potential disasters and avoid detrimental data leaks and downtime. We understand that every business has unique security requirements that evolve as their operation grows and new challenges emerge. Our experts tailor a cybersecurity response solution specifically for your business needs to ensure the most effective protection for your assets. Every response solution within our offering is completely scalable. As your infrastructure grows and changes, Integrated Technology’s strategy, services, and guidance adapt to keep your business protected no matter what.

Advanced Technology Solutions

To perform effectively and support your business’s bottom line, your enterprise IT demands sophisticated, advanced solutions implemented with professional expertise and the forward-thinking strategies of a trusted managed service provider. Relying on a proven, dedicated advanced solutions provider shifts the burden of advanced enterprise IT management to certified professionals, thereby increasing value-generating productivity for your internal resources and improving the performance and security of your network. 

Integrated Technology understands your organization’s challenges and wants to satisfy your most complex enterprise IT needs so your business can grow to its full potential. Our powerful and dependable advanced solutions for business IT deliver the reliability and performance you need to get the most out of your business technology investment now and in the future. With managed services to support advanced solutions, you can relieve your in-house team from the burden of managing and maintaining the complex technology needs of your business.

Why Partner with Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology is the go-to team for managed IT support in Fort Lauderdale. Businesses big and small have trusted our expert team to manage and protect their information technology systems for more than fifteen years. We’re a leading managed services provider that equips organizations like yours with a reliable, secure IT foundation, so you can leverage the advanced technology that propels your business forward. Managed IT from Integrated Technology drives IT maturity through our best practices, proactive planning, and fast, reactive support.

Integrated Technology elevates your operational performance to support growth and deliver tangible, real-world value. Our enterprise IT ensures your business maximizes returns on its technology investments. We deliver tailored IT solutions that fit your business through mindful planning, expert implementation, regular maintenance and proactive enhancements, and unlimited customer support. With Integrated Technology covering your IT bases, you can seamlessly execute the advanced technology your business needs to thrive.


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