Business Email Aliases

Email aliases for your business mailbox are essential for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups. As a direct point of contact for customers, your business email address is a marker of your digital presence. However, as the list of email addresses for your business grows–one for the CEO, one for sales leads, one for accounting, and so on–managing these separate inboxes becomes expensive and chaotic.

What is an email alias?

Email aliases are a lifesaver for your business. Implementing an email alias is a secure, reliable way to organize emails without creating separate mailboxes for each alias. You can create an alias that appears to customers as a unique corporate email address but exists as a designated folder within your existing inbox. Using email aliases for your business, you can sign up for web services using a relevant email address, manage different parts of your organization with easy categorization, and respond to emails directed to each alias within the same mailbox. 

How do I make an email alias? 

To set up an email alias, add a plus sign character (+) after your username to indicate an address unique to the account. For example, if you’re signing up for “,” and your primary email address is “[email protected],” your email alias is “[email protected].” You can then set up a corresponding folder for all “johnjones+tech” emails. 

Email providers like Gmail and Outlook allow you to add an email alias within their mailbox settings. In this scenario, instead of a plus sign, you can make what appears to be a different username. Using the example above, “[email protected],” “[email protected],” or “[email protected]” can all be used interchangeably while referring to the original address.

Email Aliases Boost Customer Perception

As we said, every email address tied to your organization is a marker of your business’ digital presence. Email aliases for different departments of your company, regardless of its size, make your business look more professional. Customers are more likely to trust and do business with your company if they see individual, corporate-branded email addresses dedicated specifically for the sector they want to contact. Email aliases inspire trust in your brand and improve reachability.

Email Aliases Improve Inbox Organization

More than anything, aliases help your business keep a clean inbox. Email aliases are an excellent solution for small businesses with employees filling multiple roles who want to divide communication by department.

Email Aliases Strengthen Cybersecurity

Some of the most detrimental attacks on your business start in your email inbox. We’ve detailed the top threats to your cybersecurity, including ransomware and social engineering attacks that originate via email. Aliases offer greater anonymity for your business. Threat actors like scammers and cybercriminals assume businesses that implement email aliases have greater cybersecurity knowledge and layers of security in place. Further, email aliases can help your business detect breaches and fight and report spam.

Email Cybersecurity with Integrated Technology

Cybersecurity experts agree that while email aliases help improve enterprise cybersecurity, they are not a perfect solution, as they don’t completely eliminate phishing attacks or spam. To achieve comprehensive email cybersecurity, your business needs the help of a managed service provider like Integrated Technology.

Our expert technicians implement customized managed IT services that strengthen cybersecurity at every level–especially email. Our comprehensive cybersecurity services suite offers advanced corporate solutions for email cybersecurity, including email filtering and DMARC email security to protect your business from email-based cybersecurity threats like malware, phishing, spam, social engineering, and more.

Integrated Technology’s email filtering solution scans inbound and outbound email traffic using a variety of techniques to classify data into specific categories and ensure that your organization is operating at maximum safety and efficiency. Our DMARC email security protects your business by preventing domain spoofing. Our DMARC email security services strengthen your email cybersecurity defenses, ensure high availability, and streamline maintenance and compliance.

Reach out today to protect your business mailbox!

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