WIP19 Targets IT Service Providers and Telcos

A newly-identified Chinese-speaking threat cluster known as WIP19 has been identified targeting telecommunications and IT service providers in the Middle East and Asia. Likely partaking in espionage-related activity, the threat cluster overlaps with Operation Shadow Force but utilizes new malware and techniques. WIP19 uses a legitimate, stolen certificate to sign novel malware, including SQLMaggie, ScreenCap, … Read more

Managed Service Provider Checklist

An effective MSP performs effectively and supports your business’s bottom line. But how can you tell which MSP has your business’s best interests in mind before you engage and sign a contract? Integrated Technology has compiled this convenient checklist to help. MSP Cost Checklist As you research MSPs that fit your business needs, Integrated Technology … Read more

What does a managed IT services provider do?

Enterprise IT can be an intimidating concept for business owners. After all, most businesses rely almost exclusively on tech investments and assets to operate and execute their services. Business leaders are turning to outside experts to support their companies’ IT functions. Managed IT services offer professional maintenance and around-the-clock protection and assistance at a cost … Read more

Business Email Aliases

Email aliases for your business mailbox are essential for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups. As a direct point of contact for customers, your business email address is a marker of your digital presence. However, as the list of email addresses for your business grows–one for the CEO, one for sales leads, one for … Read more

Hanging Up on POTS Lines

POTS lines, or Plain Old Telephone Service lines, are the traditional copper phone lines that businesses have relied on for decades. However, since POTS technology has aged, the Federal Communications Commission issued Order 10-72A1, which requires the termination of POTS lines in the United States by August 2, 2022, and calls for the adoption of … Read more

EDR: Beyond Legacy Antivirus

If you don’t have an enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response solution, you’re putting your business at risk. Legacy antivirus solutions no longer adequately protect against the rampant and constant cyber threats that permeate our current digital landscape. Endpoint Detection and Response, or EDR, is essential to your enterprise cybersecurity strategy. The exponential growth of online, … Read more

Hidden MSP Costs

Hidden MSP Costs are Draining Your Business If you’ve ever opened an invoice from your managed service provider (MSP) and been shocked at the total, you’re not alone. It’s an all-too-common occurrence for many businesses. Unfortunately, it’s also a big red flag about the quality of your IT provider. There are a few reasons why … Read more

Cloud Migration

ITCS | Florida’s trusted IT Provider for Business

Eliminate Chaos from Cloud Migration Business leaders just like you are making the big jump: replacing legacy, on-premise technology with scalable, cost-effective cloud computing. From reducing IT costs to accelerating modernization, there are many compelling reasons to migrate to the cloud. That said, making the transition is not easy without a well-developed plan and cloud … Read more

Cyber Insurance Applications and Renewals: Everything You Need to Know

ITCS | Florida’s trusted IT Provider for Business

Cyber insurance is crucial for small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, coverage is not one-size-fits-all. The application and renewal process is tedious at best and downright incomprehensible at worst. Luckily, you don’t have to navigate it alone. Integrated Technology offers cyber insurance counseling to educate business leaders on the latest coverage categories. We provide expert recommendations … Read more

5 Critical Threats to Your Cyber Security

ITCS | Florida’s trusted IT Provider for Business

Amid progressively complex advancements in technology, cyber security risks are emerging faster than ever. But most business owners know very little about protecting their data and tech investments from these types of hazards. Proactive business leaders know that the future of their business depends on the security of their network. Accordingly, the most enduring businesses … Read more