MSP vs. MSSP: What’s the Difference?

An overwhelming number of acronyms get thrown around when you’re managing a business, don’t they? Here are two we can take off your plate: MSP and MSSP. A managed service provider (MSP) and a managed security service provider (MSSP) are two helpful business outsourcing solutions. Depending on their scope, there can be a complete overlap of what they provide, or there could be none at all. Let’s break it down.

What Do MSPs Do?

Put simply, MSPs are third-party organizations that manage and deliver services to other businesses. The services an MSP provides are usually ongoing and remote. Modern providers can cover many service areas (information technology, human resources, and more), but businesses often outsource their IT to an MSP to manage infrastructure, security, networks, and applications. Managed service providers act as strategic partners for the organizations they serve, improving operational efficiency and safeguarding their information. When you partner with a managed service provider, you gain access to a dedicated team of subject matter experts that can easily handle complex business processes using the latest technology in the market.

What Do MSSPs Do?

Managed security service providers deliver specialized cybersecurity monitoring and management to organizations. The primary mission of an MSSP is to improve your organization’s data infrastructure systems to manage its cybersecurity. Popular applications involve managed firewalls, private networks, vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection. MSSPs monitor your business network around the clock to mitigate cybersecurity threats, attacks, and breaches. Should a cybersecurity incident occur, MSSPs equip your business with proactive response measures to prevent data loss and ensure minimal downtime. 

Different Objectives

You can think of MSPs as an umbrella under which MSSPs exist as more specialized security solutions providers. MSPs and MSSPs provide third-party services to businesses, but their focus tends to differ. Most MSPs focus on managing and maintaining an organization’s IT environment, while MSSPs concern themselves with the continuous state of their customer’s security stance. An MSP delivers network, application, database and other general IT support and services, while an MSSP exclusively provides cybersecurity services. While MSSPs provide incident response planning and services, MSPs are more reactive—they are the ones you call when something happens.

High-Capacity Providers

Some high-capacity providers are both MSPs and MSSPs, like Integrated Technology. When you partner with us, you get managed IT support alongside our highly-specialized cyber security services that our experts custom-tailor to fit your business’s needs. We provide a thorough security overhaul for organizations that require monitoring and incident response. Our solutions strengthen your business by scaling security, providing expertise, increasing threat visibility, and filling in resource gaps. Dual IT and cybersecurity providers enable your business to run seamlessly and deliver peace of mind to business leaders like you.

Fort Lauderdale Businesses Choose Integrated Technology

Businesses in Fort Lauderdale outsource their computer IT and cybersecurity to our dedicated team of seasoned, certified IT specialists. We are the top technology partner for organizations with 10 or more employees in the Fort Lauderdale area because our support is unmatched and our solutions are scalable. When organizations in the Fort Lauderdale area need reliable, responsive managed IT, they turn to us to support and protect their business.

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