2023 Enterprise Technology Trends

In 2023, business leaders will apply innovative emerging tech to make smarter, faster organizational decisions. These strategic enterprise technology solutions are already being implemented to optimize operations, accelerate productivity, and mitigate continuity risks. To help organizations like yours prioritize their technology investments and develop helpful roadmaps, here’s a look at some of the IT solutions gaining the most traction this year.

Digital Immune System

The top tech trend of 2023 is the digital immune system, according to Gartner. Enterprises face outstanding challenges in ensuring resilient operating environments, accelerating digital delivery, and delivering a reliable end-user experience. That’s why businesses are investing in digital immune systems, or DIS, to mitigate business risks with a combination of practices and technologies for software design, development, operations, and analytics. A robust digital immune system protects applications and services from anomalies, such as the effects of software bugs or security issues by making applications more resilient, helping them recover more quickly from failures. Implementing DIS reduces business continuity risks created when critical applications and services are severely compromised or stop working altogether.

Industry Cloud Platform

Industry clouds create value for enterprises by bringing together cloud services that were previously purchased separately in a pre-integrated, but adaptable way. These industry cloud platforms amplify the impact of traditional cloud capabilities by incorporating crucial platform customizations that accelerate vertical offerings for specific industries like retail, healthcare, banking, and more. Industry clouds are composable building blocks, including cloud services, applications, and other tools that are tailored for strategic use cases. These new industry-specific cloud platforms offer greater adaptability than typical software-as-a-service applications, more business functions than infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service clouds, and further innovation than today’s single-industry solutions–so much so that Gartner predicts more than 50% of enterprises will be using industry cloud platforms by 2027.


With the potential to completely revolutionize the way businesses operate, artificial intelligence, or AI, is at the top of Forbes’ tech trend list this year. Experts anticipate 2023 to be a period of exponential growth for AI’s seemingly limitless capabilities. Businesses across industries are already using adaptive artificial intelligence to accelerate operations. As AI tools increasingly find their way into mainstream business applications, advances in AI technology are automating more organizational processes than ever before. According to Forbes, investment in generative AI is projected to skyrocket in the coming years, surging to over $400 billion by 2028.

Your Enterprise Technology Partner

To securely and effectively harness emerging solutions like these, it’s crucial for businesses to engage with a reliable enterprise technology partner. Integrated Technology equips organizations like yours with a robust, secure IT foundation, so you can leverage the advanced technology that propels your business forward. 

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