Cybersecurity Training Your Employees Need

Cybersecurity training for employees is a crucial layer of enterprise security. Hackers constantly develop new ways to gain unauthorized access to your organization’s data, and unprepared end-users threaten cybersecurity. Your enterprise data is only as secure as your least-trained employee. Because they are an organization’s primary defense against cyber attacks, staff across industries must be educated in security best practices and good habits if organizations hope to avoid ransomware and malware.

Filling in the Gaps in Knowledge

Protecting your business data requires up-to-date knowledge of trends in malicious activity and response protocol. Security awareness training for businesses like yours is a proven educational approach for improving risky IT behaviors that can comprise your critical data. Effective training plans provide learning materials and simulations that educate participants on security best practices that cover a range of threats.

Training Benefits Your Business

By implementing a security awareness training program, you have the power to prevent breaches and attacks. Employee security awareness training lessens your organization’s likelihood of being victimized by cybercriminals. With strengthened cybersecurity through employee training and education, you’re building a culture of security for your organization.Training your team to recognize and respond to threats weaves greater emphasis on safety and security into the fabric of your enterprise. Your staff must implement technical defenses like firewalls and software updates individually to deliver optimal protection. Security awareness training enforces the importance of personal responsibility.

Enhanced security training elevates customer confidence and ensures compliance with industry standards. Your customers want assurance that their information is safe with you. Businesses that have a good track record and training certifications to display are more likely to garner customer confidence. Across industries, regulators demand more intense and specialized employee training to satisfy compliance requirements. Many regulators require security awareness training, and proof of compliance is critical to continue operations. Additionally, cybersecurity insurance policies require organizations implement these trainings regularly.

Security Awareness Training from Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology works with you to develop a training plan tailored to your organization’s needs. Our seasoned IT experts deliver practical training through simulated phishing attacks and work with your staff to determine what training is needed based on simulation results. We also provide enterprise-strength reporting to decision-makers.

Integrated Technology’s employee security training services educate your employees on best practices and good habits. We work with your team to optimize behavior and minimize your organization’s risk of human error. Once completed, your team is significantly more likely to recognize phishing and hacking attempts and respond effectively.

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