5 Cybersecurity Tools to Reduce Your Risk Right Now

The current digital landscape is teeming with cybercrime. Hackers target businesses of all sizes and industries, and the companies that are the least prepared for cyberattacks suffer the most devastating losses. Employing some common cybersecurity tools in a timely and consistent manner protects your business from catastrophic cybercrime losses. The cybersecurity experts at Integrated Technology have compiled a list of 5 cybersecurity tools to reduce your business’s risk of cybercrime exposure.

  1. Employee Cybersecurity Training: Protecting your business’ data requires up-to-date knowledge of trends in malicious activity and response protocol. Security awareness training for businesses is a proven educational approach to improving risky IT behaviors that compromise sensitive information. Effective training plans include learning materials and simulations that educate participants on the best practices for protecting against various security threats.
  2. Muti-Factor Authentication: Risk reduction is critical for organizations, which is why multi-factor authentication is growing exponentially. Countless organizations have adopted MFA, a popular form of conditional access, in response to the current security landscape and ever-tightening regulations. Adding MFA as a secondary factor to your username/password protects your privacy and is exceptionally easy for most users to set up. 
  3. Perimeter Firewalls: Protecting your business’ network is vital to your organization’s assets, success, and security. Perimeter firewalls, or network perimeters, play a critical role in defending private networks from unwanted or unfamiliar traffic. Essentially, these next-generation firewalls act as gatekeepers, controlling incoming and outgoing data using one or more tactics.
  4. Proactive Security Patches: Hackers attack networks with inherent weaknesses for those that fail to apply security patches and necessary system modifications. Your business’ technical vulnerabilities must be identified and repaired with an extensive assessment to avoid detrimental and costly data breaches. Once identified, security patches update your systems, applications, and software by inserting a code to fill, or patch, the vulnerabilities, securing your network against an attack.
  5. Endpoint Antivirus Software: Endpoint protection is often seen as cybersecurity’s front line of defense. As cybersecurity threats rise, so does your organization’s need for more advanced endpoint security solutions. Endpoint protection from Integrated Technology quickly detects, analyzes, blocks, and contains attacks in progress. Our comprehensive cybersecurity technologies integrate seamlessly to improve administrators’ visibility into advanced threats to speed detection and remediation response times.

Partner with the Experts to Reduce Your Risk

Your enterprise cybersecurity solutions dictate how well your business is protected. Integrated Technology’s cybersecurity solutions cover every base, address every vulnerability, and safeguard every path to your data. Shifting your organization’s cybersecurity operations to Integrated Technology’s team of dedicated professionals elevates your network security while lowering IT costs and alleviating the workload on your staff. Our security, privacy, and compliance solutions integrate seamlessly into your business operations.

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