Managed Service Provider Checklist

An effective MSP performs effectively and supports your business’s bottom line. But how can you tell which MSP has your business’s best interests in mind before you engage and sign a contract? Integrated Technology has compiled this convenient checklist to help.

MSP Cost Checklist

As you research MSPs that fit your business needs, Integrated Technology recommends sticking to these cost guidelines to decipher which managed service provider is the best fit for you. Look for an MSP that:

  • Offers all-inclusive service
  • Clearly defines service cost in your contract
  • Is forthright about total costs
  • Provides clarity for additional charges
  • Audits your existing IT infrastructure and processes

MSP Services Checklist

When searching for an MSP partner, you’re looking for a comprehensive offering to cover every IT need, from simple to complex, so your business can grow to its full potential. Our powerful and dependable advanced solutions for business IT deliver the reliability and performance you need to get the most out of your business technology investment now and in the future. That’s why we recommend partnering with a provider that offers:

  • Cybersecurity: Hackers target businesses of all sizes and across industries, and it’s the companies that are the least prepared for cyberattacks that suffer the most devastating losses. Your enterprise cybersecurity solutions dictate how well your business is protected.
  • Cloud Computing: Our computing landscape is moving rapidly toward complete cloud technology integration. Discover the value of cloud computing for your business with Integrated Technology’s customized cloud computing solutions
  • On-Premise IT: Many companies continue to house their IT infrastructure on-premise. To better support on-premise network infrastructure, many businesses rely on managed service providers for on-premise solutions and support. Integrated Technology monitors, manages, maintains and optimizes your business tech infrastructure with on-premise IT solutions.
  • IT Response Solutions: Your organization’s response strategy to threats and attacks dictates how well your business is protected in the event of a cybersecurity incident. Response solutions from Integrated Technology detect malicious activity within your organization’s environment so you can immediately mitigate potential disasters and avoid detrimental data leaks and downtime.
  • Advanced Technology Solutions: To perform effectively and support your business’s bottom line, your enterprise IT demands sophisticated, advanced solutions implemented with professional expertise and the forward-thinking strategies of a trusted managed service provider.

Why Businesses Trust Integrated Technology

Our reputation as Florida’s trusted enterprise IT provider is firmly rooted in the partnerships we’ve cultivated with the customers we serve. We engage businesses across industries to provide seamless IT and unlimited support. We deliver transparency in every service we provide so our customers know exactly what to expect.

Integrated Technology’s solutions and support help your business elevate its operation and performance to support continued growth and deliver tangible, real-world value. Companies across Florida trust our team of industry veterans to provide seamless enterprise IT and the highest level of customer support.

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