Hanging Up on POTS Lines

POTS lines, or Plain Old Telephone Service lines, are the traditional copper phone lines that businesses have relied on for decades. However, since POTS technology has aged, the Federal Communications Commission issued Order 10-72A1, which requires the termination of POTS lines in the United States by August 2, 2022, and calls for the adoption of next-gen technology. Major telephone providers like AT&T, Verizon, and more have started weeding them out. This termination incentivizes providers to transition customers away from their existing POTS lines and has also led to various headaches for businesses. Prices are steadily increasing, and providers are offering fewer services.

Modern business owners must accept and adopt new technologies to find alternatives to landlines and POTS line replacements. If they don’t, they will be left behind by the ever-growing business and technology world. Besides the discontinued use, it could be detrimental to businesses that rely on its emergency phone lines. Without the dependability of POTS in the case of an outage, many companies and residential buildings must adopt a phone replacement for security monitoring. Crafting a POTS replacement plan is critical to keeping up with these new regulations. 

Say Hello to VoIP Technology

Integrated Technology offers businesses an excellent VoIP solution to replace phased-out POTS lines. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method that lets anyone place and receive phone calls over the internet. It has become the choice method for businesses because it costs less and comes with more capabilities than traditional phone lines, such as auto attendants, call recording, customer caller ID, voicemail to email, and more. It works by connecting your phone to a switch or router in the Local Area Network (LAN). When you dial a phone number, your IP phone communicates it to your VoIP service provider, telling it to call the other party. Your VoIP service establishes the call, then converts digital signals back and forth into sound you can hear. VoIP offers low costs, sound clarity, advanced features, and remote-ready operations for everyone worldwide. 

Your business will see cost-efficient results with a VoIP provider like Integrated Technology. It’s always cheaper than traditional PBX systems. You’ll receive full-featured service between CRM software integration and an internet-based VoIP dashboard, enabling you to gain exponentially more flexibility than legacy phone lines. You’ll also notice an uptick in reliability and clarity with modern IP-based voice communications with higher quality and fewer service operations. We provide portability, as VoIP allows your team to answer calls from multiple devices. Long-distance fees from traditional lines add up fast, but with VoIP, you can interact more easily with devices while experiencing crystal clear audio. Your business will save money and improve functionality with VoIP. 

Make the Switch with Integrated Technology 

VoIP capability and supportive technology is critical for future-proofed enterprise infrastructure. The world is fast-paced and businesses should have the technology to keep up with consumer expectations, lighten their load, and improve business efficiency. Reach out to Integrated Technology to learn how we help businesses like yours stay competitive.

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