EDR: Beyond Legacy Antivirus

If you don’t have an enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response solution, you’re putting your business at risk. Legacy antivirus solutions no longer adequately protect against the rampant and constant cyber threats that permeate our current digital landscape. Endpoint Detection and Response, or EDR, is essential to your enterprise cybersecurity strategy. The exponential growth of online, cloud-based, and SaaS solutions renders legacy systems incapable of monitoring the escalating deluge of endpoint activity. Though EDR solutions are often grouped alongside antivirus products, their protection extends far beyond legacy solutions to defend against threats of all types, not just malware. 

Threats Beyond Malware

As your organization’s digital footprint expands, so does your exposure to threats of all types. EDR goes further than antivirus by tracking many elements of an attack, only parts of which might involve malware. An EDR solution collects data from all endpoints accessing and operating within your company’s digital environment. It implements advanced measures for detecting threats, including the ability to identify an attack’s origin and how it is spreading. EDR deploys antivirus mechanisms simultaneously with endpoint security functionalities to deliver robust protection against a wide range of potential threats. 

EDR methods are behavior-based, recognizing unknown threats by gathering and analyzing information from computer workstations and other endpoints. Prominent EDR solutions contain security tools like firewalls, whitelisting, monitoring, and more to provide comprehensive protection. As an integrated endpoint security solution, EDR detects security breaches and facilitates immediate responses to those threats. 

Why EDR Demands Advanced Testing

Some end-users ask why EDR products demand more rigorous and time-consuming testing than legacy antivirus solutions. The most effective EDR testing mimics realistic attacker behaviors and processes. EDR testers must behave like real-world cyber attackers, following every step of a simulated cyber-attack. Instead of shortcuts, testers must perform the entire attack to understand the EDR product’s capabilities and effectiveness. 

Leave EDR Testing to the Pros

Each step of the test attack must be realistic, so providers like Integrated Technology track cybercriminal behavior to develop accurate test strategies. Amateur or unverified EDR testing tools from the internet aren’t effective or useful, as they lack third-party validation and don’t mirror real attack techniques. Accurate testing strategies that ensure a top-performing EDR product are complex and require a nuanced understanding of attack methodologies from extensive field experience.

EDR Protection Through Integrated Technology

Endpoint protection is often your front line of defense. As cybersecurity threats rise, organizations need more advanced endpoint security solutions. Integrated Technology detects, analyzes, blocks, and contains attacks in progress. Our comprehensive cybersecurity technologies integrate seamlessly with each other to improve administrators’ visibility into advanced threats to speed detection and remediation response times. Our solutions enhance security at entry points to systems and networks to reduce your level of risk while minimizing false positives. Defending your organization with endpoint protection from Integrated Technology strengthens your enterprise cybersecurity. Contact our team today, and see how our experts can fully fortify your digital environment and protect your business now and in the future.

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