Hidden MSP Costs

Hidden MSP Costs are Draining Your Business

If you’ve ever opened an invoice from your managed service provider (MSP) and been shocked at the total, you’re not alone. It’s an all-too-common occurrence for many businesses. Unfortunately, it’s also a big red flag about the quality of your IT provider. There are a few reasons why surprise charges can pop up on your bill. Regardless of their cause, these unexpected costs are detrimental to your bottom line and your business operation.

The Impact of Hidden Charges

Though the monetary cost of incidental charges is the most prominent and immediate impact, any unexpected costs on your bill can have damaging repercussions for your company. Miscommunication–or a complete lack of communication–over the total cost of engaging your MSP lays the groundwork for an uneasy and strained partnership between you and your provider. Beyond that, unplanned IT costs can delay the completion of ongoing projects, leaving your operation in limbo and your staff unable to do their jobs effectively. Hidden charges are disruptive, costly, and sometimes even predatory.

Why Your MSP is Overcharging

If your invoice doesn’t reflect the agreed-upon amount, there are a few possible explanations. Some MSPs are intentionally vague on the front end of their partnership with you. In their attempts to secure your business, they downplay one-off charges and aren’t specific about individual service fees or the cost of extended-hours support. You could even be getting charged for services you don’t need! Some MSPs lack the experience and planning skills to effectively audit your business and accurately estimate your costs based on the services your business needs. If any of this applies to your IT provider, it’s time to find a new one.

What You Should Expect from Your MSP

To avoid costly invoices for services that don’t fit your business, each managed IT services contract should begin with an audit of your existing IT environment and processes. Audits are a critical first step for your provider to get an idea of the infrastructure you’re working with and what services and equipment you’ll need from them.

An effective MSP offers an all-inclusive service and clearly defines the service cost in your contract. Your MSP is responsible for being forthright about total costs and providing clarity for any additional charges. Whether your MSP incorporates expenses like hardware and software into your monthly invoices or bills them as one-time fees, they should state this explicitly in your service contract.

Why Businesses Trust Integrated Technology

Our reputation as Florida’s trusted enterprise IT provider is firmly rooted in the partnerships we’ve cultivated with the customers we serve. We engage businesses across industries to provide seamless IT and unlimited support. We deliver transparency in every service we provide so our customers know exactly what to expect.

Integrated Technology’s solutions and support help your business elevate its operation and performance to support continued growth and deliver tangible, real-world value. Companies across Florida trust our team of industry veterans to provide seamless enterprise IT and the highest level of customer support.

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